Ricky Martin Caught With Pants Off In Very Revealing Photo

Madonna who? James Franco what? Pop icon Ricky Martin demonstrated he also knows how to get attention by posting a photo in which he’s caught with his pants down. In truth, he seems to be wearing a very skimpy Speedo and the goods are obscured by some sort of railing, but hot is hot. The recently single singer captioned the pic: “Hahaha caught off guard.” Here’s hoping Martin keeps his guard down and there’ll be many more of these to come. Perhaps there’ll even be one with his rumored new bf.

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  • Billy Budd

    He is in terrific shape for his age. Very impressive.

  • James Hart

    Who really cares about Ricky Martin anymore?!

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    Well, he might not be a hot item here in the USA but he is far from a washed up pseudo celebrity who needs to get a Vegas show to kick-start his dying career (Britney, yes I am looking at you). Ricky martin still sells out arenas in Latin America, his albums sell quite well and he is still hitting the top 50 with his singles.

    Contrary to what we might desperately want to believe, the USA public is but a fraction of what Ricky has as a fan base.

  • Blackceo

    @James Hart:

    I do. I love my fellow Boricua.

    @Lindoro Almaviva:

    Exactly. Popularity isn’t nearly based on what people in the US deem it. The US isn’t the be all end all in whats in and whats out. He is an international superstar.

  • Throbert McGee

    What I want to know: Is he naturally smooth, or does he shave and wax his chest hair for some unfathomable reason?

  • Throbert McGee

    My ex-hubby from my 20s was a Boricua with a gene mix similar to Ricky Martin’s (which is to say, pretty much blanco — not a whole lot of mulatto, mestizo, or zambo goin’ on in his family tree, at least not in recent generations). And my ex’s straight older brother looked a LOT like Ricky Martin in the face (though he didn’t bleach his hair blond and was a very hunky “otter”, in contrast to my “cub” ex).

    Hence my question about whether Ricky Martin manscapes or if he’s naturally smooth-bodied.

  • buybioniconitunes

    @Lindoro Almaviva:

    except Im pretty sure the US is the biggest music market.
    also top 50 realllyyyy is not an accomplishment for someone thats supposed to be a pop star. an accomplishment for some indie act, maybe

  • Random

    I’m disappointed as in the UK, ‘pants’ means underwear so I was hoping that Ricky had posted a full frontal pic. :-( And his bod is great for ANY age, not just for someone approaching their mid 40s.

  • eternaldreamer

    Who care about Ricky Martin? Seriously? Have you seen the man?
    He’s drop dead gorgeous!
    Shame there’s much ado about nothing – he is wearing a Speedo after all … shame … now there’s a selfie I would LOVE to see and spend some Kleenex on …

  • DarkZephyr

    @Billy Budd: I think he’s in terrific shape for any age. I like most of your posts but I notice that you seem to have a preoccupation with age.

  • Kangol

    Todavia un guapetón este Ricky Martin!

  • TinoTurner

    Yeah seriously people….he’s hot period. The vast majority of 23 year olds don’t look like that.


    What’s the big deal. He’s wearing a Speedo. Go to any beach. Although you may not see men as hot and toned as him.

  • jaleoman

    @ James Hart insecure? You sound like an ugly
    Fat looser. You are pathetic bashing our own celebrities.
    Millions of people all over the world loves Ricky.

    Regarding Rickyyyyy Martin, he is such a beautiful man,
    And such a possitive role model to our community.
    He is in a great moment career wise worldwide,
    His new World Cup song ” Vida” is top 10 in more than
    40 non- Spanish speaking countries. ” Adrenalina” with
    Jennifer Lopez is #1 on the Latin Charts, and part of Europe.

    He will be performing at the American Billboard
    Music award show, he is out, proud and still successful.

  • SteveDenver

    @James Hart: Obviously YOU CARE about Ricky Martin to navigate to this article and remain leave a comment. That’s two big votes in favor of more articles like this.

  • SteveDenver

    Great picture, he looks fantastic and full of life.

  • dannyboi2

    @jaleoman: @Lindoro Almaviva: Right On! and he’s also a Judge on The Voice In Australia… Pretty Damn Busy if you ask me. He’s a Mega Super Star! Ricky Who?, who’s net worth is estimated at $60 million, Enough Said!

  • coltonblack

    Always liked Ricky Martin. Guy still looks amazing!

  • E.Ashleigh

    @James Hart: A) ur a fool if u think people dont care about ricky martin. He is a huge star in latin america. And B) obviously u cared enough to click on the link and make a comment moron. The states are just a small fraction of where his fan base reaches.

  • spencer87

    @James Hart: YOU.

  • James Hart

    @Blackceo: If you like Ricky Martin because you believe he’s a great entertainer, I then can understand your feelings. But if you like him ONLY because he is Puerto Rican or gay, then I wouldn’t agree with you. Identity politics are starting to split the U.S. apart, which I think is a bad development in our body politic.

  • James Hart

    @eternaldreamer: You care about him because “he is drop dead gorgeous?” Really? Unless I’m sleeping with a dude, I really don’t care what he looks like. If you’re sleeping with Ricky, lucky you. But if you’re not, then you’re wasting a lot of your valuable time.

  • James Hart

    @jaleoman: @James Hart: I made a simple observation about him and then you decided to engage in an ad hominem attack on me (which isn’t true, by the way), which is always an indication that the other person has a weak argument. I’m SURE Mr. Martin cares as much about you as you care about him. Get a life. LOL.

  • James Hart

    @SteveDenver: Come on, Steve. Queerty becomes a little silly when they post pictures (no matter how beautiful they are) of a gay man who hid in the closet for 20 years so that he could further his career. And, now, that his best performance years are behind him, he’s willing to come out and get feted by gay men he probably wouldn’t give the time of day to if he met them on the street. I just find it amusing.

  • James Hart

    @dannyboi2: If he saw you on the street, he wouldn’t give you or anyone else on this thread the time of day, unless it furthered his image. The gay community’s infantile obsession with superficial celebrities is sad. Johnny Weir is a case in point.

  • James Hart

    @E.Ashleigh: I’m impressed with how in awe you are of him. If you’re not on his payroll, or sleeping with him, then your adulation is quite sad. I’m sure he’s pining over you, too, at this very moment.

  • James Hart

    @spencer87: Don’t think so.

  • hotshot70

    He’s still sexy in my opinion. I would do him! I am a top, so he’d better bottom! lol

  • mcflyer54

    Unlike most Americans, men in other countries wear bathing suits that don’t look like women’s skirts.

  • EvonCook

    Love to be on my knees and back for that!

  • bradharden1

    Ricky who?

  • robho3

    LLLLooooovvveee ricky!

  • toronto

    It shows the arrogance of some Americans to imply that if a person is not “famous” or “hot” in the USA they must be washed up.

  • Maude

    Does anybody have a Judy Garland scrapbook?!!

  • Curtispsf

    Loooooceee (Queerteeee):

    You got some splainin’ to do. This is NOT a very revealing photo, Baba Loo.

    Another clickbait.

  • jackmackenna

    @buybioniconitunes: ”except Im pretty sure the US is the biggest music market.” …. lmao oh honey. It’s not even close.

  • Bad Ass Biker

    James Hart, get over yourself.

  • Sluggo2007

    I wouldn’t toss him out of bed.

  • SteveDenver

    @James Hart: You’re an idiot. Supposedly you don’t care about Ricky Martin, yet you’ve made more posts on this thread than anyone else.

  • SteveDenver

    @Sluggo2007: Dear Sluggo2007 (fun name): I once said I wouldn’t throw someone out of bed and a friend remarked: “There’s more room on the floor!”

  • billeetee

    My husband and I saw Ricky in “Evita”. He still knew how to ‘shake his bon bon!” Aye Caramba!

  • Elcaganer

    @James Hart: Don’t worry, he doesn’t give a damn about you either…

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    @James Hart: jealous??

  • Rimmington

    @Throbert McGee: I agree. I would love to see his fur.

  • Condor221

    @James Hart: I fucking do and met him a couple months ago! He is incredibly handsome, unlike you.

  • delacruzgr

    I’m still crazy about Ricky Martin…go man go…

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