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Ricky Martin Does Not Date Stupids

I love witty. I love mental strength. Just being secure. With all the stuff I come with, you have to be someone who is sure of himself. That turns me on. Somebody who is very sure of themselves without being arrogant – smart, witty, has a career. Somebody who is very open-minded about things. That’s what I love. Adventurous is the word.

Ricky Martin on the type of guys he’ll date … but in the future, should his current relationship end, is what I’m guessing he means [via]

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  • Matt

    Me too!

  • T-in-Cali

    so funny with all these celebs saying they want someone with ‘their own life, a career’ then the next sentence saying ‘i need someone to go on tour with me’ ‘we can’t spend too much time apart’
    etc etc…

    blah blah blah

  • huh?

    @T-in-Cali: What are you talking about? Who are you talking about?

  • Homophobes protest Ricky Martin and Univision in Miami

    Ricky Martin’s interview with Maria Elena Salinas, as it ran in “Aqui y Ahora”, was in no way pornographic, indecent or obscene. What has these Miami homobigots all in a tizzy is the fact that someone like Ricky Martin dared to speak up – as a huge figure in Latin America – and say that being gay and coming out has made him a much happier man. From “Jack”: “The complaint is not that a gay person was interviewed but that the interview showed a successful and (now) happy gay person. Miserable, decrepit, poor, suicidal gay people are beautiful. Happy, successful gay people are obscene.”

  • hmmm

    Ricky, I have a career. lmao

  • Tangelo

    I knew 30 years ago he was my dream man. I have what he looks for and he has what I look for. Now if we could only meet!

    I would love to fall asleep and wake up each day gazing into those eyes with my arms wrapped around that body.

  • hephaestion

    I loves me some Ricky! He’s insanely hot & sexy, and he seems to be kind and brilliant as well. He may well be the Perfect Man, along with Cheyenne Jackson, Darren Criss, & Hugh Jackman.

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