Ricky Martin Harassed By Person With Lady Parts

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Ricky Martin, the suspected homosexual and new father who is not Clay Aiken (one of these two confirmed that he is, in fact, a said homosexual), was just trying to enjoy a night out in Miami when some desperate hanger-on still living in the 90s got all up in his bon-bon. Jeez people. Celebrities, like zoo animals, are to be observed, not approached.

Celebs flocked to Miami once again for the Winter Music Conference but Ricky Martin wasn’t living “La Vida Loca.” The Latin crooner saw red after one raucous female fan wouldn’t leave him alone at the South Beach hotspot Mansion, where the new dad was on hand with several male friends.

“This girl kept going over and asking him to ‘Shake your bon bon!’ and screaming in his face,” our spy shared. Ignoring her for a little, Martin finally had enough. “He snapped back, ‘That’s really not cool. Please don’t embarrass me like this,’ ” says our source. Martin, who then moved his entire entourage to the other side of the club to escape her, eventually did start shaking it and then continued to dance until 3 a.m.

[NYDN; Photo: Splash News]