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Ricky Martin Knows Some Fans Just Can’t Listen To ‘She Bangs’ Ever Again

It’s hard to tell whether Chely Wright’s 50 percent drop in album sales has to do with her coming out or the quality of her new record, but Ricky Martin says he’s been hearing similar things from fans who are abandoning him now that he’s confirmed what everyone already knew. Coming out: The career suicide Rupert Everett warned us about!

“I wanted the world to understand that to love in the way I love is not revolutionary, it’s a natural thing, my nature made me this way,” Ricky tells the Brazilian magazine Veja. “Every gay is born gay. Social life is opposed to that nature and that’s where the conflicts start.” Folks who don’t seem to understand that — “many people” and some fans — relayed to Martin that they’re going to stop listening to his music.

Which begs the question: How do you get personal messages like “I don’t listen to fag music!” to a superstar like Ricky Martin? Do you tweet him? He reads those things? God, there goes my afternoon.