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Ricky Martin opens up about the very real dangers of being a gay Latino man in America

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If you think being rich, famous, and having almost 15 million followers on Instagram protests a person against bigotry in America, think again.

In an Instagram interview with Enrique Santos at La Sopa (The Soup) this week, Ricky Martin was asked about the George Floyd protests. In his response, he shared about his own fears of being targeted by racist police officers and other bigots.

“I am a Latino, gay man, married to an Arab man, living in the United States,” Martin said. “In other words, I am a threat to these people wherever you see them.”

Martin has been married to model Jwan Yosef, who is of Kurdish and Armenian descent, since 2017. The couple has four kids together.

The singer was careful to note, however, that his wealth and notoriety do provide him with an added layer of security that many people don’t have. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t affected by racism when he leaves the safety of his home.

“Taking the car and crossing the desert and stopping for coffee at dinner can be risky,” he said. “The United States … has always been like this.”

Martin continued by saying that he’s grateful the problem of systemic racism in law enforcement is finally being addressed thanks, in large part, to technology that allows people to witness and “get angry at injustices.”

“Now we have cameras and we see it, now we as citizens turn on the phone, we record the injustice, and that is why we are angry, because now we are seeing it,” he said.

Martin just released his first EP Pausa on May 28. It was originally planned to be a full-length album, but coronavirus caused him to change the concept and he chose to split the album into two EPs. The second one will likely be released later this year.

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