Ricky Martin Poses For First-Ever Photo Shoot With Partner And Twin Boys

In the latest Spanish version of Vanity Fair, Ricky Martin poses for his first photo shoot ever with his partner of four years, Carlos Gonzalez Abell.

It showcases their two beautiful twins, Matteo and Valentino.

Martin also has some interesting things to say in the teaser of the article, which we used Google Translate to help elucidate.

He says he was totally in the vagina business at one time, and the women didn’t know he was gay/bi: “I have slept with women and I fell in love with them and I felt wonderful things. There was love, passion. I don’t regret anything, in any relations that I have experienced. Everything has taught me a lot, from both men and women.”

Carlos speaks out, too: “I was looking for a boyfriend, not a father. I say, ‘I met a grown man.’”

How do you say “aww” in Spanish?

Click through more pictures of Ricky, Carlos, and the twins. You can find the issue on (Spanish-language-friendly) newsstands today.

Photos via Vanity Fair

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  • dee-dee

    Nobody got tapped with the ugly stick in that household.

  • newportxwhore

    @dee-dee: nope

  • newportxwhore

    I look forward to becoming a dad .

  • GCV

    Being a Dad is the best thing I ever did, and also the hardest.

  • Lane


  • TK

    Hate it when stars, either gay or straight, parade their kids on magazines, etc. Life for them will be tough under a microscope to begin with. Doing magazine layouts and more will provide nothing but an abnormal show business life. So dig the stars that keep their lives under the radar. Ackowledging your family is one thing, selling them is another…

  • tookietookie

    Pictures like these put such pressure on us to be perfect and have nicely moussed hair. I haven’t had kids because I know I wouldn’t be up to it. I mean I could, but I would be all, “Leroy! You get on back here right now in this trailer and quit playing in the crabgrass! Your other daddy’s drunk again and we be fixin to have ourselves some beans and slaw! Git!”

    That’s how it would be. And I wouldn’t get any photos, let me tell you. I just know it!

  • Frederick

    I agree that it’s hard to live up to images of picture-perfect families (i.e. such as Ricky Martin’s). However, with that being said, I do believe that the more public exposure the general public has to L.G.B.T. people and their families, the less “other” we [email protected] tookietookie:My partner and I raised six kids between us -four are his and two are mine- and we were definitely more like your description of family!

  • Aric

    Everything is flawless.

    Nothing else can really be said.

  • Rooney

    They’re so cute, every single one of them. Flawless.

  • Lifer

    1 of these shirts is not like other. That is a very strange choice that only makes him look like an outsider in his own damn family.

  • Matt


  • Kim

    @TK: I would rather had my kids in photoshoots than being chased down by paparazzi. This way they will learn that all men w/ cameras aren’t aggressive and disrespectful like the paps I have personally seen in LA.

  • Cain

    It’s too fucking picture perfect. I need a media paparazzi shot lol.

  • Spike

    The haters heads will explode when their two sons grow up to be well adjusted, intelligent, thoughtful and probably str8t.

  • DouggSeven

    Who are you kidding? I see one of them as a DJ/club promoter and the other in and out of rehab. Not because their dad’s are gay, but because of their dad’s having the shallowest professions on the planet.

  • Tackle

    So Ricky admits that he was on the down-low when he was with women. Which is nothing more than closeted bi-sexual behavior. And I’m just curious about this celebrety trend of dyeing (Gwen Stefani, and her son Kingston) or adding streaks or highlights to their “young” childrens hair? In pic number two, you can see that the twin to the right has highlights in his hair.

  • TJ

    His pandering to the gay community for cash and sympathy continues and now he is using children. I find this offensive. Since his career basically tanked, this is what he has to do. Do you think anyone would care, if he put out a new CD? Not likely.

  • so wrong


    I strongly disagree.. and get off of Ricky Martins back!!

  • Rob Moore

    @Tackle: Don’t jump to conclusions. I raised two children, a girl and a boy. One thing I know is that their hair was never a uniform colour. My daughter had really blond hair when she was four or five but as she matured, her hair darkened. Some darkened earlier and some later. My son had blond hair when he was little, but he followed his father’s pattern of going from a really light colour, I was what Americans call strawberry-blond, to dark brown. I was relieved he didn’t follow the rest of my pattern and start going grey in college. I was mostly grey by forty.

    Now I have two grandchildren thanks to my son and his wife. My granddaughter has longer hair that contains highlights of varying degrees of light. My grandson’s hair is considerably shorter than either of Ricky Martin’s sons, which means there is less effect from sunlight. Keep in mind, this is a family that spends a great deal of a year living on a tropical island.

    What I see is a man who loves his two children with all his heart. Holding your baby for the first time is the most amazing thing. As I held each of mine that first time, I was mesmerised and knew at that moment that I would give my life for them and that nothing mattered more to me than that they grow up feeling secure and safe while also making mistakes and learning. They are adults, now, and married, but I still feel that same certainty, but now, it extends just as strongly to my grandchildren. Holding a sleeping child or just cuddling with them is the most relaxing and peaceful sensations one will ever experience. When I learned I was to be a father, I was terrified. Never in my life had I ever considered the possibility that I would have children, but there I was. I was certain that I would be an awful parent, but as I said, when I held them the first time, fear was replace by certainty. We had to learn everything from scratch. No one had taught us how to be parents, but we figured it out through trial and error, but also by just using a little common sense. I learned that if it sounds like a superstition, it almost certainly is a superstition.

    Fatherhood is something I highly recommend. Ricky Martin comes across as a man who knows what I mean in my comments.

  • Rob Moore

    @TJ: Darling, he puts out CDs fairly often. He has sold tens of millions to huge Spanish language audiences where he remains tremendously popular. I actually enjoy his Spanish songs more. There is a natural rhythm when he sings in his first language, and he has a style of singing that is truly enhanced when he sings Latin music. I speak not a word of Spanish beyond gracias, por favor, and counting to ten, but it is not needed to listen to his Spanish songs.

  • jimmy

    good for them…i will never know fatherhood or having a hot boyfriend….I rather keep making money ; )

  • dannyboi2

    @Lifer: Naw, It signifies he’s the man of the house… Mothers always or mine did dress alike when we took pics, I have a twin bro. My dad always wore something different. It’s a Latin thang..

  • BlogShag

    @tookietookie: Its too bad you feel that way. Yes looking perfect does take work, but it’s not that hard, if you eat right and exercise. Ricky Martin isn’t perfect anyhow, You’ve only seen him with tons of makeup on or airbrushed. He actually has a pock marked face

  • snooptommy

    I am just finishing Mr Martin’s Bio “Me” and wish to say that his journey has been remarkable – i am so happy that he took the time to share with us his thoughts, beliefs and incredible insight. His memoir has enabled the world to once again see the innocence that is the life of the gay male. I would like to congratulate Mr Martin & Mr Abell as they celebrate their 4 yr anniversary, may they have the rest of their lives to share with each other and their sons.

  • Eduardo Arce

    I don’t understand!!! aww in Spanish like pain is auuuu!!! like emotions wow… like disgusting is wacala!!!!!

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