Ricky Martin Will Flirt With You Over Dinner If You Give To His Charity

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 11.31.34 PMIn great news for anyone who’s ever fantasized about having an intimate experience with Ricky Martin, Ricky Martin announced Monday that he will maybe flirt with you in a private and “exceptional” meet-and-greet if you help raise funds for his favorite nonprofit, The Ricky Martin Foundation.

The dreamy 42-year-old singer appears in the romantic PSA below to alert fans to the fantastic new opportunity, which is open to anyone who gives donations to RMF before July 9. He explains that his foundation is working to “build a new school that will enable children to live safe and inspire lives,” and his passion for this cause has driven him to “do anything” to fundraise, which includes meeting you on the set of Australia’s The Voice.

Ricky says he wants to make this one of “the most authentic experiences of your life,” and assures that he’ll even bring a puppy for the two of you to play with. He wants to have a gazing contest with you, roll his R’s for you while you “communicate” and read his journal. He wants at least $10 from you (and everything in sliding increments up to $25,000 are ok too thanks).

Ricky is auctioning off this lucky authentic experience with a random draw on Omaze.com, where you can exchange $10 for one entry, $100 for 15, $1,000 for 25, and so on. For $5,000, Ricky will give you 1,000 entires and 2 VIP concert tickets. For $25,000, he will have dinner with you and four of your closets friends.

One lucky winner will win a flight to Sydney, where they will “join Ricky at the finale of The Voice” and later fly back to a mob of jealous friends. There’s never been a more perfect opportunity to increase your odds of being Ricky Martin’s next boyfriend.

Check out Ricky’s spiel below, and head on over to Omaze to get involved.

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  • Mezaien

    Ricky, my man if I give for your charity I want you in my bed.

  • Lvng1tor

    I have a friend named Charity who will do A LOT more than flirt if you give to her! Still a good cause for Martin though and a great way to raise funds…Still pissed I didn’t win the Double Date with BatFleck and Robin.

  • masc4masc

    So Ricky has finally resorted to escorting. My only question is, what took so long? lol

  • Dxley

    That title is so beyond accurate, Queerty. Well done!!!

  • jaleoman

    Ricky Martin is adorable, one of the very few
    Gay celebrities, that is actually a kind human being.
    He has done a lot of charity work for children for many
    Years, and for people infected with aids for the last few years.

  • Paco

    I have always loved Ricky Martin. He just gets better looking with age.

  • Rico Rodriguez

    @Mezaien: LOL! That was my first thought exactly. And then my imagination went wild. What are these children that he speaks of? For a moment, I had to pretend that children don’t exist. I made a donation simply because his charisma and charm hooked me! The fact that he is willing to use his celebrity platform to make a difference speaks volumes about how compassionate he is and character. Good on you, Ricky Martin.

  • dcguys

    “For $25,000, he will have dinner with you and four of your closets friends.”


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