Ricky Martin’s bleached beard, Terry Miller’s sweaty pits, & Jim Newman’s dirty laundry

This week San Francisco gave the OK to bathhouses, Laverne Cox fell in love, and a hot gay ballet dancer did not find a room in New York. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Dustin Lance Black worked from home.

Eliad Cohen designed his own shoes.

Jim Newman did laundry.

John Fahrenwald said farewell to Rio.

Nicholas Ashe wore a crop top.

Taylor Martin cooled off.

Bruno Alcantara picked a rose.

Ricky Martin bleached his beard.

Devin Ibañez posed for Attitude.

Mark Mackillop got a tan.

Jaymes Vaughan hiked with Eric Ita, his dog whisperer.

Christian Chávez got in the pool.

Michael Turchin painted shirtless.

Taylor Bennett freshened up.

Anthony Bowens took a man down.

Derek Chadwick played ball.

Big Dipper felt his oats.

Jake Bain licked his lips.

Alex Radcliffe fell asleep.

Michael B. Jordan had a smoke.

Daniel Goodfellow fed his fans.

Brooke Lynn Hytes smelled nice.

Shawn Mendes took a deep breath.

Derrick Gordon stretched out.

Terry Miller wiped his pits.

Jake Shears dyed his hair.

Andrés Camilo bathed the dog.

Joel Green got some sun.

Ashley Parker Angel soaked in the hot tub.

And Brian Jordan Alvarez made some progress.

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