julie goldman

Ricky Martin’s Coming Out? ‘Annoying’

For me, [Ricky Martin] coming out was not a brave act-it was annoying. First of all, we all knew, second it’s not going to hurt you in any way. I want to see someone out from the beginning and see what happens. Because I think it is detrimental — it does hurt you. Everyone I know that’s gay that does comedy or is an out actor from the beginning — they’re not famous, they’re not rich — they’re struggling. But you need to make a decision-do you want to be free? What’s your priority? … I think [Rupert Everett] has a point. I think that there’s disdain for homosexuality in this culture and in show business even though it’s run by gays. You need to be able to at least look like you could be straight and if you can look like that then you can still get work, like Portia DeRossi does. But if you can’t pass then you’re screwed.”

—Actor and comedian Julie Goldman on how coming out affects an actor’s career [via]