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Ricky Martin’s Coming Out? ‘Annoying’

For me, [Ricky Martin] coming out was not a brave act-it was annoying. First of all, we all knew, second it’s not going to hurt you in any way. I want to see someone out from the beginning and see what happens. Because I think it is detrimental — it does hurt you. Everyone I know that’s gay that does comedy or is an out actor from the beginning — they’re not famous, they’re not rich — they’re struggling. But you need to make a decision-do you want to be free? What’s your priority? … I think [Rupert Everett] has a point. I think that there’s disdain for homosexuality in this culture and in show business even though it’s run by gays. You need to be able to at least look like you could be straight and if you can look like that then you can still get work, like Portia DeRossi does. But if you can’t pass then you’re screwed.”

—Actor and comedian Julie Goldman on how coming out affects an actor’s career [via]

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  • Marcella

    Ouch. I like Julie a lot, but she needs to take off those crankypants. Bitterness is not sexy. And anyone who defends Rupert Everett’s Resentment Tour needs to get over themselves already.

  • Marc

    What a stupid bitch.

  • standing ovation for Ricky

    Ricky Martin takes the stage at the 2010 Billboard Latin Music Awards on Thursday (April 29) in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    This is the first public appearance Ricky has made since publicly revealing that he’s gay – he received a standing ovation when he walked on stage.

    During the ceremony, Ricky denounced the recent passing of a new Arizona Immigration Law, which allows local and state law enforcement to use racial and ethnic cues to profile individuals. “It makes no sense,” Ricky said. “”Long live love, long live peace.”

    Nelly Furtado and Marc Anthony were in the public:


  • Nickadoo

    I think the key phrase is: “But if you can’t pass then you’re screwed.” Regardless of sexual orientation, an actor needs to be convincing in their roles.

    A gay actor playing a straight character should damn well “pass” for straight on screen, just as any actor playing a psychopath should be able to “pass” for a psychopath on screen. That’s not homophobia, it’s logic.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Nickadoo: I was thinking the same thing. She’s complaining about the very nature of casting. It is not like a short haired lesbian (the woman in Sex and the City) can not play in a straight role. It is that they must come off as a convincing in their role. I think she doesn’t accept the nature of the beast, which is often fickle and cruel regardless of sexual orientation.

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    I had to look her up, I have no idea who she is, so I find it somewhat comical that she’s going to publicly rip into Ricky Martin.

    She needs to lose the bitterness. She seems to have this attitude, much like Rupert, that since she’s been through the ringer, everyone should have to, and it just makes her look jealous.

  • Darling Nikki

    Julie has a point. Outside of Rufus Wainwright and Christopher Rice who both started their careers as openly out but had the advantage of name recognition (famous parents), can anyone name successful singers, actors, authors who started out as openly GLBT and achieved a-list success?
    Even if you’re suspected to be GLBT, it’s not the same as being out, as Ricky Martin, Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen DeGeneres can attest, coming out when already established.
    She may be bitter for a reason.

  • Marc

    @Darling Nikki: What do you suggest?

    Gay actors should be out, should just accept that homophobia will damage their careers and be happy with TV work?

  • Rikard

    probably right on all counts. that’s what makes it important to celebrate the coming out of big stars. because EVENTUALY it will be possible for an artist to come flaming out of the birth canal and walk through life without ADDITIONAL angst. fame is far too fragile, even for the biggest stars (see Michael Jackson) because fame gets you work and makes you money, but noteriety gets you in trouble and makes your attorney money. as one who came out late and passed for a long time i cannot condone a superior attitude by the ones who were early to the party for whatever reason. it’s incumbent on us to welcome newcomers with warmtn and grace and tell them “we’re glad you’re here”.

  • Darling Nikki

    @ Marc
    Wish I knew the answer. The worst kind of homophobia we face unfortunately in the entertainment business is that that comes from our own ilk.
    I think we should be out but I live in reality. Many states still allow companies the ability to fire you just based on sexual orientation.
    Julie’s point as I see it, in order to succeed in this business, there is still a game one must play. I agree with her that it’s a shame that sexual orientation remains such a stigma. I also don’t think it was such a big deal for Ricky Martin to come out. He’s made his money and his pop shelf life had grown stale, so there wasn’t much left to pad his wallet.
    In this week’s Sports Illustrated, there is an interesting article why aren’t there any current out players in American sports in their profile of an out European Rugby player.
    It’s a shame that being out would do such damage, as it apparently still does.

  • AlwaysGay

    She’s mostly right. Gay people who are out from the start have a very difficult time rising to greater fame. But it’s because heterosexuals shut the door and gay water carriers go along with the heterosexual prejudices that gay people can’t acheive greater fame after being open from the very beginning. Gay actors should learn how to play heterosexual characters to expand their job opportunities.

  • Marc

    “I also don’t think it was such a big deal for Ricky Martin to come out.”

    I see.

    Gay celebrities should stay in the closet because their being out doesn’t really matter, not even gays care about them. Right?

  • [email protected]

    Lesbians who finger point and moralize about other people’s orthodoxy tend to be the ones who later ditch the girl for a guy. Or a cat.

  • Marc

    “In this week’s Sports Illustrated, there is an interesting article why aren’t there any current out players in American sports in their profile of an out European Rugby player.”

    Gareth Thomas in Sports Illustrated: ‘People keep asking, ‘What’s the negative of coming out?’ But there’s none so far.”

    “It’s like waking up on Christmas Day, walking down the stairs and seeing Father Christmas,” he says. “The horizons are wide open. I’m like a teenager again. People keep asking, ‘What’s the negative of coming out?’ But there’s none so far. …”

    I would love to help kids who are going through this, because we’re all kids. I want to be the gay role model I never had. The note I got from a guy who gave up rugby years ago because he was gay and has returned to playing it since I came out—that outweighs lifting the biggest trophy as captain of Wales.

    “The e-mails and letters and Twitters I get tell me there is so much confusion, so many gay kids who love sports but get pushed away. A lot of the notes are from America. I love the United States, … but why wouldn’t the people who run your sports and who sponsor them make a public announcement that they welcome gay people and will support them? Because even if they feel that’s bringing too much attention to something that should be a private matter, at this point that’s what’s needed.”

  • Mike

    Isn’t she on that shit skit show on loGO??

  • Darling Nikki

    When you come out past your due date, and you reaped all you can sow, it’s nice of you to join the party but don’t expect a parade. It isn’t very helpful to the community to whom you want to be part of to come out when your collateral is at low end market prices.
    The real litmus test will be people like Adam Lambert. He’s out. Let’s see. Thus far, his career is bigger in Europe than here.
    Gay celebrities for the most part play the game and when they do come out, it’s nice, but almost always at a point of irrelevancy as far as their careers are concerned. That includes sports stars.

  • Fitz

    Ricky’s coming out isn’t annoying to me. If it happened after an arrest at a park or video booth, then it would be annoying. He wasn’t ready. I accept that we all have a process.

  • Cam

    No. 8 · Marc
    @Darling Nikki: What do you suggest?

    Gay actors should be out, should just accept that homophobia will damage their careers and be happy with TV work?

    Let me rephrase what you just said…

    Gay people with an interest in politics should just be out and not work for people like Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond, or Saxby Chambliss and be happy ONLY working for Senators and Congressman that AREN’T homophobic?

    If people in Hollywood were honest and came out, instead of hiding in the closet and lying to themselves that because they have an occaisional dinner party for close friends with their partners, that they aren’t closeted, perhaps hollywood wouldn’t BE such a homophobic place. Interesting to me that the military is talking about letting gays in but Hollywood is still excusing it’s own homophobia by crying out “They should be allowed privacy” when did the military get more liberal than hollywood?


    Why do people fail to see the profit motive of Hollywood? It’s big business thus the rules of ethics/integrity DO NOT and MUST NOT apply. Was it my old ethics professor who once remarked: “Business Ethics is an oxymoron?”

    If you are bankable, the Jews will gladly support and encourage you but if you are NOT[and most homosexual stars aren’t-sad but true], then you must understand their position. They have mortgages to pay as well you know?

  • Marc

    “It isn’t very helpful to the community to whom you want to be part of to come out when your collateral is at low end market prices.”

    Damn, you are a cold person.

  • Kyle24

    I applaud Julie along with Kate Clinton, Rupert Everett and many other gay performers who have always been out and pursuing their careers. These are the people who should be celebrated. They never made it about money first and happiness second. They have been true to themselves. Ricky Martin, Lance Bass, Rosie, etc. all had it easy when they came out seeing as that they had their millions banked. They really didn’t have anything to “lose”. Julie has always been true to who she is and it is people like her who will make a difference in showing young gays that it is okay to be who you are. THANKS JULIE!!

  • geez

    @Kyle24: Yes, I’m sure gay celebrities enjoy living in a homophobic world and love being in the closet!

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"


    More accurately Nazi “SS”chiefrsha!

    So, you took courses on ethics? Really? Such a fucking anti semite, playing the very same bullshit games the Catholics, Morons, and Wingnuts do: Blame the fags; you play, blame the Jews. You don’t know what “ethics” even means.

    Nazi SS-chiefrsha, so its the Jews’ fault that gays/lesbians are kept in the closet? WTF? Well, its not asshole. Gays/lesbians who choose to be closeted choose that for themselves.

    Nazi SS-chiefrsha proves one thing: the gay community has its very own “Teabaggers” xenophobic, racist, anti semitic ass wipes who love the blame those they hate for all their woes.

    Not being Jewish, I guess my time will come when someone wants to blame the Dutch/Hindu/Welsh/Hungarian mongrels like me. In the meantime, I’ll continue being out and proud and hoping that all gays and lesbians gain the self confidence, courage, and support to also be out and proud.

  • Ricky

    @ Mike in Asheville, nee “in Brooklyn”

    Racists remarks outside, He has a point.

    $$$$$ is what drives the Hollywood machine.


    @# 20
    So “Mike in Asheville and nee “in Brooklyn”” huh? So you are some sort of Bunburyist? You abase yourself for what is really a trivial matter. But since I “don’t know what “ethics” even means,” I’m most eager to be dazzled. Please enlighten moi, I’m all ears….well, eyes. “Through information comes enlightenment”, I’ve heard it said.

  • New Jersey Guy


    geez, do you really think Rosie, Rickie, et. al weren’t leading gay lives when they were in the closet? Get a clue. They were banging whoever they wanted and were out to family and friends. They just weren’t out publically because they were all about MONEY! I don’t feel sorry for them when they were in the “closet”. As wealthy celebs they were having their cake and eating it too. They played the straight game to make millions of dollars and they still were leading gay lives having bfs, gfs, partners, etc. because having money (even if you are in the closet) makes their lives a lot easier than most of our lives even when we are out.

  • geez

    @New Jersey Guy: Money makes life easier, but doesn’t change the fact that wealthy gay celebs are second-class citizens like all other gays.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    There are several up and coming out actors both in Hollywood and around the world right now. So, if she has a point, it is not one relating to the present situation for younger actors. They have a long way to go, but they can still have careers as gay people , even starting off as an out actor. Part of the problem here is people are judging now based on the past. The problem with that is that we are living through the period of rapid social change so now looks nothing like 1990, and now, will look nothing like Hollywood 15 years from now. We are a part of the evolution.

  • mk

    This is why I think a lot of the pressure that is presently put on actors is misplaced and should be put on the real Hollywood power players who create the system and rules actors deal with. We should be making demands that Hollywood executives, directors, casting agents, talent agencies, etc start providing more opportunities and promotion to out gay talent. Now we have those people gatekeeping and letting through only the people who are willing to be quiet about their sexuality or lie, and then they coach the actors to keep staying quiet if they want to get further work. Even openly gay directors are publicly telling gay actors to be closeted and that one gay director actually announced he wouldn’t hire an out gay actor. A number of gay actors have said gays in the industry are even worse about giving out gay actors a chance than straights are.

    Actors are easily replaced freelancers in a very competitive field who can be hired and fired for the most whimsical and subjective reasons. They are in a vulnerable and professionally depend on adapting themselves and their public persona to meet the wishes of potential employers.

  • scott ny'er

    Blah, blah, blah. SHE’S annoying. Anyone who comes out is brave, no matter at what point in their life. Just be effin’ supportive already.

    And really? Homos run show business? I don’t think so. I think it’s a bunch of conservative prudes who really are in power. Who green light the films. Who run the record labels, etc. And if a homo is in charge, you can bet the bottom line will be a major factor, or the stockholders, etc. Because they didn’t get to that place by pushing the homos.

  • New Jersey Guy


    My point exactly. They aren’t 2nd class citizens because they weren’t out. That is why they were closeted. They prefered reaping the benefits that money and being in the closet provided. They had it even easier seeing that they live in LA or NYC. Certainly not areas known for their intolerance toward gays.

  • mk

    @New Jersey Guy: They were still second class citizens before they did press officially announcing their sexuality. A closeted celeb has the same lack of rights as a gay human being in society that other gays have.

    Gay actors in Hollywood are also disadvantaged compared to straight peers whether they are willing to be closeted or not. They have the options of reducing their chance to get a break and succeed by being upfront about sexuality or of putting career first by being closeted, which are both unpleasant options.

  • Josh

    Doesn’t this lady know about Adam Lambert?

    He is openly gay from the start of his pop star career.

    His album debuted at #3 and his song Whataya Want From Me is a top 10 hit (peaked at #10 on Billboard Top 100, so far is #4 on Hot Adult Contemporary radio chart, etc).

    Of course he was banned from a lot of TV shows after his AMA performance and his first single For Your Entertainment was banned from most radio stations after the AMA’s too.

    But his career survived it.

    He is also a big hit in a lot of European countries (Germany, Finland, etc) and Asian countries like Singapore and Japan.

  • jeff r

    @D’Oh: “There are several up and coming out actors in both Hollywood and around the world.” Please educate me by defining “up and coming” and naming at least five of said actors. Educate the others who post comments here, too. I am tired of your refusal to substantiate your claims. It’s very easy – define “up and coming” and then name five. If you’re referring to Jonathan Groff, Russell Tovey, Luke MacFarlane, Michael Urie or Cheyenne Jackson, I think that it’s a stretch on your part but at least they have a shot at being up and coming. Please, educate me. Prove your point. No more BS excuses. Actors like NPH, John Barrowman, Wilson Cruz. et al as they have been working actors forever so I really don’t think that they prove your point.

    “…if she has a point, it is not one relating to the present situation for younger actors.” REALLY?!? Do you know any younger actors who are being submitted for leading roles in films, mainstream and indie or television (episodic guest starring roles or series leads)? Actor’s who have reputable agents and managers? Who have garnered some credits already? I do and you are completely offbase. Sorry!

    With regard to Ms. Goldman’s comment regarding passing for straight, Portia De Rossi is both a talented and beautiful actress who happens to be a lesbian. Beauty sells in Hollywood. Not that Ms Goldman isn’t a talented actress, just that she is not necessarily physically suited for certain types of roles in mainstream productions. I cannot picture her playing a femme fatale or the romantic lead in most productions. Ms Garafolo did so in “The Truth About Cats and Dogs” but that was the exception to the rule.
    Jeff R

  • Ricky Martin greets LGBT activist Pedro Julio Serrano on Twitter

    Ohmygod. A few minutes ago when I turned on my computer I fired up my TweetDeck and immediately noticed the Tweet above. It’s Ricky Martin sending a Twitter message to my friend Pedro Julio Serrano which reads “@PJ_Serrano: kid thanks to you for all you do for Puerto Rico and for the community. Strength and always push forward”.

    I was trying to get a screen capture when my cell phone rang. It was Pedro Julio who almost couldn’t contain himself from the excitement. “I swear the hair on my arms is still standing up”, he told me.

    He said that he’d noticed Ricky Martin had added him to his Twitter feed and could hardly believe it. So he sent the singer a message telling him how proud he was of him and, in response, Ricky posted the message.

    As for his life as a gay man, Martin has been mum. Tabloids keep discussing an array of possible ulterior reasons for his coming out as well as who his past and current lovers might be. Smartly. Martin has kept them all guessing. That doesn’t mean he has been silent on LGBT issues in the past.


  • hello!

    @MuscleBoy: Ricky Martin is raising his kids, his career is on hold because he wanted to be a father.

  • gilber

    Ricky Martin is a gentleman a MASCULINE one.Effeminate homosexuals and tomboys never have to come out,there is no such a thing for them, they already do so every time they open their freaking mouth ,coming out is only truly experienced by courageous and bold non gender deviant gays that fight stereotypes created and imposed by the two sorts of heterosexuals, the cross-sexuals and the cross-genders.Non cross-sexual and non-cross gender men and women,(real straights),must have extreme caution when dealing with both,since they are both “naturally” programed to destabilize them and erode their ‘homogeneity”……CAREFULL!!! things are not the way this sexually deviant society wants us to believe.Illusions, illusions and more illusions over even more illusions………

  • Hilarious

    @gilber: Actually Ricky Martin was rather middle of the road for a long time before his comeback with a butched up image.

    It’s what prompted most of the gay rumors in the first place. For years he could go either way and the out of the blue leather daddy thing with all the fur just made it more obvious he was hiding.

    Not saying he isn’t masculine though, just saying he wasn’t one of those barking alpha male types either.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No. 24 Ricky

    Blame money as a reason gay/lesbian entertainers keep closeted, fine. But that is NO EXCUSE to raise anti semitism and bigotry. Japanese owned Sony owns Sony Picturers, Columbia Studios and Tristar; GE owns NBC and Universal; Westinghouse own CBS. Certainly the Weinsteins and SKG are huge and Jewish; but, nonetheless, a blanket, its the “Jews” who keep gays/lesbians closeted is grotesque. Allowing anti semites like Nazi SScheifrshra have a free pass because he is gay tarnishes the gay community and its goals to equal treatment.


    @No. 25 The NAZI SS-chiefshra

    Bunburyist? Really? Perhaps you should look up important words before using them since obviously have no idea about how to use them properly. Oh, my bad, that is what ignoramuses do.

    Nothing fake in my post; nothing trivial about calling out bigots. Anti semite bigots, in my book, don’t get a free pass on their bigotry simply because they suck cock.

    BTW, “ethics” and “bigotry” are, by definition, incompatible. Per OED:

    • plural noun 1 the moral principles governing or influencing conduct. 2 the branch of knowledge concerned with moral principles.

    • noun a person who is prejudiced in their views and intolerant of the opinions of others.

    SO, yeah, you are just another pinhead asswipe bigot!

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @jeff r: Look them up yourself as I have done rather than posting long diatribes about how I am wrong. I will not respond in the next post to this sort of comment. They add nothing. Essentially, you have done no research, but you have decided that you know. And when someone does mentions names, you whine that these names are no bodies or unimportant or are unproven and on and on and on. You are waste of time because you are a thesis in search of validation rather than being tested to verify in the thesis is true. I used to think like you. The difference is that I did a little checking around to see if my opinion was in fact the right answer. You may want to try that one day. Until that day I won’t be helping you.

  • ewe

    Oh come on. The only thing everyone did was bitch about Ricky Martin when he was in the closet. Now that he has admitted it in the presence of a spotlight whether he says its for his children or because he is financially comfortable is not reason to say he is “annoying”. I disagree with you.

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