Ricky Martin’s Pride dance, Jack Laugher’s lockdown hair, & Andy Cohen’s sword fight

This week an insufferable gay Trump supporter was kicked off an American Airlines flight, the Supreme Court handed down a landmark ruling in favor of LGBTQ rights, and one RuPaul’s Drag Race winner quit drag for good. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Jake Bain jumped in the lake.

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Black. Pansexual. Proud. ??????

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Kelechi soaked up the sun.

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hyper melanated. that’s the caption. #blackboyjoy

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Ricky Martin partied with the Pride flag.

Jack Laugher let his hair grow.

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Rate my lockdown haircut lmao ???

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Colby Melvin took his money in the pool.

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I’m not rich, I’m just good at monopoly.

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Milan Christopher stood guard.

Sam Cushing hit the gym “hard and heavy.”

RJ Aguiar wore pink.

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“MOMMY, look at that boy!!!” As I was posing for these photos, that’s what I heard a kid say to their mom as they pulled over to see what we were doing. I could tell from the excitement in the kid’s voice that they had never seen a boy rock such a “feminine” color with such confidence. You best believe I gave that little tyke a wave before they sped off. . I’ve been seeing a lot of queers trying to body shame those who want to use Pride as an excuse to show a bit more skin and celebrate their bodies…and using kids as a cover for their prejudice (the same way homophobes love to). Personally, I’d rather live in a world where we teach kids how to love themselves and live unapologetically independent of other people’s rules. Pretty sure THAT’S what Pride is all about. Besides, I can guarantee that child didn’t see anything that day that they wouldn’t see in a museum or even on most popular cartoon shows. If you’re offended by your own anatomy, then that’s on you to work on. Stop trying to infect kids with your prejudice. #pride #pridemonth #pride2020 #pride? #lgbt #lgbtq #queerboy #bodypositive #bodypositivity #skin #skinisin #boysinpink

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Brian Jordan Alvarez was accused of catfishing.

Austin Mahone stayed fit.

Jake Miller went down the river.

Calum McSwiggan turned 30.

Mr. Gay Germany Marcel Danner went paddle boarding.

Aidan Faminoff grew a ‘stache.

Trainer Ken Clarke kicked off speedo season.

Terry Miller reached up.

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Dear boys, Hi. Sincerely, Daddy

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Andy Cohen had a sword fight.

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The Force is strong in this one…

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Cheyenne Parker sat back.

Antony Tran sat in the water.

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Aint my house ?

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Benjamin Melzer made a shake.

And Sam Callahan had a drink in the sauna.

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