Ricky Martin’s Tears Persuade Puerto Rican Gov. To Uphold LGBT Hate Crimes Law

Last week, Latin pop heartthrob Ricky Martin lamented the Puerto Rican Senate’s proposal to strip sexual orientation and gender identity from the state’s U.S. Commonwealth’s hate crimes law. And now this week, Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuño has announced that he supports keeping sexual and gender identity in their hate crimes laws. Coincidence? We think not. Martin’s tears obviously have magical, heart-changing properties.

Well, okay… it probably didn’t hurt that Martin’s opposition was echoed by a handful of U.S. politicians and about 14,000 petition signers at Change.org. But we still think that Martin’s tears can melt icy hearts and turn polluted water into peach soda.

But will Fortuño keep his word if Puerto Rico’s legislators pass the proposal? And more importantly, will he actually back the hate crimes provisions with police and government action when the next hate crime occurs?