The 15 Most Ridiculous Moments From Lifetime’s House Of Versace

"House of Versace" Day 09 Photo: Jan Thijs 2013

On Saturday, Lifetime debuted House Of Versace. The biopic, focusing on Donatella’s life after the murder of her brother Gianni, saw Gina Gershon delivering her best Maya Rudolph impersonation. We don’t know about you, but we donned our favorite blond wig and poured ourselves a Donatella sized glass of wine in order to watch the movie. It was a must-see TV event. To our surprise, the biopic was a lot of fun, although we didn’t understand half of what anyone was saying. Damn those fake Italian accents.

While it was no Anna Nicole, it was far better than Liz & Dick and had its own set of ridiculous moments that needed to be preserved in GIF form.

1. Donatella’s entrance. (And Maria’s shade. We see you, Maria!)


2. Every time Donatella chain-smoked in the movie. (How did all the clothes not smell like smoke? Was anyone else concerned about this?!)


3. Every time Donatella did drugs. It reminded me of Sarah Michelle Gellar from Cruel Intentions.


4. This ridiculous “welcome back from rehab” cake with a Barbie Doll on it.


5. Maria’s nods of (dis)approval. Seriously, all Maria did was throw shade the entire time. (Girl, you answer to Donatella!)


6. When we realized that Maya Rudolph would not be making a cameo appearance in the movie.


[GIF: Tumblr]

7. The ridiculous two-handed hair flip.


8. When Donatella proved herself as a designer by ripping a sleeve off the dress.


9. Donatella’s dancing. (Seriously, did Gershon forget all her moves from her Showgirls days?)



10. When Alex Carter (Donatella’s husband Paul) came out of the bathroom shirtless. Why wasn’t his body used in the promos more?!


11. The moment Donatella decided to make it rain champagne glass.



12. Donatella’s drunk hair that rivaled Vicki’s worst days on the Real Housewives Of Orange County.


13. Gina Gershon’s inability to act with both eyes open.



[GIF: RealityTVGIFs]

14. The most epic faint in Lifetime history. It was so long that the entire thing could not be GIF-ed.



15. When Gina Gershon delivered this line:


No one puts Donatella on a leash! Oh, in case you missed, it’s scheduled to air several times on Sunday. So set those DVRs.

[Photo: Lifetime, GIF: Stacy Lambe/Queerty]

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  • Jawsch

    Really? -__-

    If I wanted to see a bunch of crappily thrown together GIFs coupled with even worse attempts at sarcasm and humor, I’d go to Tumblr.

    What’s happened to this website?

  • Red_Dragon_888

    gee wizz, where’s my remote???

  • greybat

    Yawns. I think I’ll go back to playing “Mall World”.

  • muscl954

    I liked it!

  • mz.sam

    The GIFs and snarky comments are an EPIC FAIL! The Lifetime feature was more interesting and entertaining.

  • mattsy

    Nice recap-loved the movie!!! Loved when Gianna cut everybody out the will. Very Mommie Dearest!!

  • NateB79

    @mz.sam: Well you know that only Stoli gets good press here.

  • LadyLady

    Best camp I’ve seen in a while. Can’t wait to have all the my ladies over to watch again next weekend.

  • ParkerSparx

    I think Gershon did a good job. Much better looking than the real D.V.

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