Ridiculously Hot Burgess Brothers Need Your Help To End Homophobia

With Michael Sam being drafted to play for the St. Louis Rams last month, and Jason Collins becoming the first openly gay NBA player back in February, more and more openly gay athletes are proudly making their ways out onto the field.

Now, a new online survey that looks at homophobia in sports is being conducted. Ridiculously hot rugby stars Sam and Tom Burgess, brothers of the equally ridiculously hot nude selfie-taking rugby hunk George Burgess, have just released a PSA asking folks to participate. The study is being conducted by the Bingham Cup Sydney 2014, the world cup of gay rugby.

The guys are encouraging you — yes, you! — to help end homophobia in sports by taking a ten minute survey at

“Visit the website,” Sam says.

“Tell your story,” Tom adds.

“Everyone get in line,” Sam says, “…or else”

You don’t have to ask us twice. We’ll do whatever you say, Sammy boy.

Check out the video below.