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  • afrolito

    Why is he here? He’s neither hot or gay, and his music is garbage.

  • Mark M

    Is this a PSA about the dangers of Cirrhosis ? Look at that swollen liver!! Make Pate fo the people?

  • TANK

    ROTFL! Does he also have tattoos of joey bishop and dean martin on his ass?

  • MIke

    It’s funny… Rod 2.0 featured Flo Rida on his blog to numerous accolades (minus points for the low swinging pants he was wearing there…). They were able to appreciate that he is a ‘grown ass’ masculine man, even sexy man. On this site, I think he would be more appreciated if he were white, hairy, had some form of tribal tattoos, wore leather, and/or were naked. He is not my type, but I can definitely see how his ‘sexy’ can be appealing. As far as his music, and the overall (so far) the negative reactions – I am not surprised at the comments on this site given it’s targeted demographic.

  • An Other Greek

    all good except the creepy beard…

  • flyerfier

    Look at all that bling..

    I do like a few of his songs. Just for some reason, to me, it seems his facial hair is fake. Seems too perfect, but I’m sure he has someone to manscape.

  • JT

    Seriously? “Flo Rida”? I thought after “Chamellionaire” we had hit rock bottom. Can we say that the rap-name meme has jumped the shark? (Just let go back to my NPR, and get out of my yard you whippersnappers!)

  • Qjersey

    I’m sorry every time I hear his name I think of the stripper with the same name that used to dance at the Cock.

  • afrolito



  • averageguy40

    I think he’s hot! He might not be gay, but so are a lot of other people we fantasize over.

  • alan brickman

    Hearing he’s on a gaysite will flip him out….that’s why he is here!!

  • greybat

    Restore the thumbnails please! pretty pictures are nice, but one doesn’t have all day!

  • mb00

    @MIke: I know right. I can totally appreciate his hotness, that’s aside from the name of course. Any name with “Flo” in it makes me think of some chicks monthly flow.
    That said, I don’t look at color when looking at an attractive man, I just see that…an attractive man.

  • michael

    Why did “Mike” have to make it all racial? I’m sure those, like myself, that find him uncute do so because he is. But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, your panties have to get all twisted up in a knot as you make the blanket statement that if you don’t find one black man hot, then you must be racist.

    “I think he would be more appreciated if he were white…”

    – “Mike”

  • ousslander

    I’d ride that but would plug my ears if he started rapping

  • meh

    My $.02: Beautiful forearms, nice tits, but look at those long, skinny fingers. I find that weird on a guy his size. Makes me think he’s never worked (physical labor) a day in his life & couldn’t if he tried. It kinda creeps me out. I have long narrow fingers, but everything else on me is long & lean too. Okay! I ADMIT IT: I’d kick him outa bed. And fuck him on the floor.

  • JaimeTame


    Every black man queerty features must be ugly then I’m guessing.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    I have to agree, simply because he is sooo far from my taste in men! And I LOVE black men…

    But this is a lazy attempt at having a black guy on Queerty to redress the balance..

    JUST cause it’s soo random!

    Why is he cute? He’s soo manufactured-hair, beard..EVERYTHING..

    Anyway, this keeps in line with my morning goods rants…I don’t like white bread sylofoam wrapped white guys or black guys tweaked and pipped more then the poodle they are carrying.

    Come on!

    I know guys like him…which is cool(we have space for him!)..

    BUT you can get some more rough and ready, with no jewellry or posturing…

    Just google until at least the 2nd page..

    “cute black guys..edgy..”


    Tell you what…get ON to the french sites…oh my god…french porn and mags, have the most beautiful men who are not white..

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    No not really…

  • stevenelliot

    I LOVE his linen shorts and even the RL undies peeking out.
    BUT what’s with that “step-an-fetch-it” holding the umbrella so His Highness won’t get sunburned?? So Liberace…..yawn

  • jim

    This is all a joke, right? Flo Rida?!? This is all really supposed to be about The Lamest Drag Name in South Beach contest held over the weekend, isn’t it? Flo Rida…that’s just assinine.

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