Riffing on NBC’s Stereotypical Black History Month Menu Proves Why Wanda Sykes Got Her Own TV Show

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But not, of course, why she’s been able to keep it.

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  • Dirty Ole Man

    Wanda is waayyy cool! Plus she’s a proud lesbian.

    Love Her!

  • RomanHans

    Questioning why a terrific lesbian comedian has a TV show. Yeah, that’s what we need.

    If you guys are bored, how about organizing a boycott against Super Bowl advertisers? If CBS won’t pull that Tebow ad, everybody else should pull out.

  • Dirty Ole Man


    That’s what Queerty does. Divides the Gay community
    and play politics around bullshit issues.

    – You didn’t get the memo?

  • Jason

    That menu sounds like our meals at home when my Grandma was cooking. Fried chicken, field peas, black eyed peas, okra, collards, mustards, fried gizzards are all southern food; don’t believe its white or black food.

    Wanda is a very funny lady; one of my favorite comics in a long time.

  • bbnicker

    fried chicken is sooooooooo fuckin good.

  • molly gallagher

    What the hell is your problem with Wanda? She’s out, donates a lot of time and money to LGBT causes and she’s hilarious…I don’t get it.

  • dvlaries

    Wanda or no Wanda, you mean to tell me anybody is still watching Leno?! Last Friday, I think, he bombed down to a 1.1. One week, he was outdrawn by a goddamn Spoongebob Special on Nickleodeon.

    The true casualites of NBC’s brain-dead-from-birth idea of five nights a week of Jay in primetime, are Special Victims Unit & Law & Order, 10 o’clock shows if such ever existed. Up to the start of this season, both routinely finished in the top 25, but, both exiled to new nights and 9- and 8 o’clock time slots, have posted near-death rattle numbers all this year thanks to Leno’s spectacular failure. If both get renewed and put back where they belong, it’ll take miracles.

  • dpbfeb

    @Dirty Ole Man: I was on the fence but I’m starting to agree with you.

  • Soakman

    @ Dirty Ole Man:

    Queerty isn’t forcing people to make opinions. They are displaying biased news, yes, but on a site full of gay only news, what did you expect?

    Everyone, gay, straight, whatever, is going to have their own opinions about current events. If we want to be successful as a movement, yes, we have to learn to put them aside and compromise and really try to understand each other.

    Not everybody wants to be involved in a movement though. Not saying that I don’t, but some people (GLBT) are just not that interested in compromising their views to strengthen a political or cultural movement.

  • Lukas P.

    Wanda is still finding her way as a host, but she’s very smart, funny, and opinionated. I hope she stays on. She has a wife to support, y’know, and be on the road 48 weeks a year doing comedy like she used to.

    I still can’t believe Jimmy Fallon, adorable as he is, keeps his show on. He looks like a lost and confused third grader in a school play….

  • OrchidIslander

    @Dirty Ole Man: Did I miss something? Seems to me that Queerty was giving Wanda Sykes her props. I read the lead in and accompanying video as Queerty presenting a very funny and fine example of why Wanda Sykes was given her own show. She simply rocks! It didn’t seem to me that she or her show were being questioned or put down. Queerty writers often tick me off; but this time I think their intention was misread.

  • Tommy Marx

    I love how people bitch and moan about Queerty. Get a fucking clue. Queerty is a FREE website that offers commentaries on news that might interest gays. If you don’t agree with their opinions and feel betrayed or angry, start your own damned website.

    Do I always agree with everything Queerty says? No. Do I enjoy reading the site anyway? Yes.

    You want to know why there isn’t a united gay agenda (sorry Christian conspiracy lovers)? Because there is no one unified gay viewpoint. I know it’s a huge shock, but just as women or hispanics or catholics can’t be defined by one statement or stereotype, the same is true for queers. I’ll be damned if someone tells me I have to blow sunshine up someone’s ass because they’re gay. I think Barney Frank is a total asshole who needs to retire, and nobody’s going to convince me that I don’t have the right to have that opinion.

    Personally, I enjoy Queerty’s snarky posts for the most part, and when I don’t, I ignore them. Because unlike a lot of people who evidently read these posts, I have the astonishing ability to make my own decisions and decide what I agree with and what I don’t without becoming obsessed with whether everyone else agrees with me too.

    Big ass shock – a lot of people think Wanda Sykes’ show sucks. Get over it. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy her show. It also doesn’t mean that those people don’t respect Wanda and wish her the best. It just means they think her show sucks.

  • Washingtion Guy


    I sure hope they fix their line up and keep Law and order and L&O SVU I love those shows, why they had to mess with their time slots to bring on the new crap and jay at prime time 5 days a week, whose idea was that I could have saved them the time and told them it would bomb when they first announced their new line up.

  • tjr101

    Love Wanda Always!!!

  • terrwill

    @Tommy Marx: I love you man!! : P

    ps: Your post should be absolute required reading for anyone wishing to post on these threads. Some of the posters on these threads seem to feel that they will acomplish more by sniping fellow Gays than attacking the negative issues that harm the community……..Circular firing squads somewhat defeat the purpose……..

  • Dionte

    Is that why people look are me so shockingly when I tell them I’m a vegetarian, because I am black?

  • hephaestion

    Mmmmm-mmmm! I sure wish I could get some of that fried chicken, collard greens, and cornbread! What? No hush puppies? I looooove me some good southern delicacies!

  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    Anyone with half a brain knew it was a joke. Gawker is confirming that now.

  • Kieran

    I’m getting all set to be offended when I see Corned Beef, Cabbage and potatos served on St Patrick’s Day. Oy vey. Now fried chicken is considered “racist”? Let’s get a grip people.

  • MissLaWanda

    This is so racist. Now pass the chitlins…

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