Right Protests Ex-Gay Book “Ban”

Virginia-based Christian activists are crying “censorship” after a local library rejected their ex-gay texts.

Backed by the anti-gay Family Research Council, organizers in Fairfax, Virginia sent reviews of “pray-away-the-gay” books to their local library, but the library coordinator Susan Thornley flat out refused to consider the divisive texts, saying, “Donations should not be at the expense of minority populations or make the reader feel inferior… These books were not research based. There were not facts to back it up.”

Gay foes failed to understand Thornley’s argument, of course, and gathered yesterday to protest the library’s allegedly anti-Christian stance. And, of course, they sent out about forty students to do their dirty work.

Seventeen-year old Elizabeth Bognanno explained her stance: “We put ourselves out there…and got rejected. We believe our personal rights have been violated.” That poor, poor girl.

Of the brouhaha, one anti-gay opponent moaned, ”I’m objecting to the fact that librarians who didn’t read our books looked at them on the counter and said, ‘No, thank you. This is Christian. We’re not going to accept it.” Really? You really believe that’s what Thornley and her book worm pals are saying? Could it be the fact that ex-gay books have been proven to be psychologically and socially dangerous?