Right Really Scared of Gay Nups

Conservatives can’t stand the recent gay victor in Massachusetts, where legislators voted 151-45 to dismiss a right-wing plot to place a gay marriage amendment on the 2008 ballot.

As part of their never-ending battle to right the “wrong” of same-sex marriage in the bay state, the nut jobs are accusing liberal (eeks!) lawmakers of hijacking the government and ignoring voters. J. Matt Barber, however, doesn’t think alleged democratic irresponsibility’s frightening enough to scare conservatives straight.

So, what’s a “concerned citizen” to do? Make a monster out of gay marriage. Literally.

Taking to the pages of Alan Keyes’ Renew America – one of our favorite sources of conservative madness – Barber writes:

With its 2003 Goodridge v. Dept. of Public Health decision, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court circumvented the constitutional process and arbitrarily imposed “same-sex marriage” on the people of Massachusetts in what amounted to a brazen and contemptuous act of judicial activism. Now members of the liberal Massachusetts state legislature have surrendered to the demands of the militant homosexual lobby and have betrayed both the citizens of Massachusetts and the democratic process by preventing voters from weighing in on this crucial issue.

Prior to Goodridge, the concept of a man “marrying” a man or a woman “marrying” a woman was widely and properly considered preposterous. However, with their decision in Goodridge, four of the court’s seven social mad scientists have zapped artificial life into a cultural “gay-marriage” Frankenstein monster. And that radical and bizarre new concept has been terrorizing the countryside every since.

As for the “gay marriage” monster: In the words of Dr. Frankenstein – “It’s alive!” And it’s pounding on the castle door.

At least it’s alive for now – in Massachusetts. And it’s going to take both a strong-willed America, and very likely a federal constitutional amendment, to kill it once and for all. Only then can we put “gay marriage” back in the ground where it belongs.

Funny, that’s exactly what we were going to say about fighting against people like you, Barber. You know, people who spend all their time misreading The Bible and ignoring the dictionary, thus severely depleting their concept of “democracy”.