Right Reignites Fight Against “Gay-Loving” Miller

It’s about that time – time for the world’s leather aficionados to gather in San Francisco for the Folsom Street fair. And that means, of course, that it’s time for social conservatives to start hitting out at the controversial event’s sponsors. Yay!

Many of you recall last year’s dust up, when the Catholic League and others launched a boycott against Miller Beer, which had the nerve (!) to put their logo on the Last Dinner-inspired poster seen above. Miller, who has since merged with Coors, ended up having their logo removed and apologized, but didn’t yank their endorsement, a fact that doesn’t sit well with right-leaning website LifeSite:

The 2008 program guide for the event, which features sadomasochistic pornographic material as well as Folsom’s advocacy of the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” and their sale of “religious” sex toys, also includes a Miller advertisement with heavy connotations to the nudity in the parade. It features a rainbow colored beer cap, a beer bottle with the label being stripped off, and a slogan that reads, “No label. All that matters is what’s inside. We’ll drink to that.”

Pray tell, how does that slogan rest on nude connotations? “No label”? If we’re not mistaken, the company’s tipping their rhetorical hat to resisting oppressive, objectifying social categories. They’re free of judgment, which is far more than we can say for Peter LaBarbera, an anti-gay activist who’s never one to miss a public outrage.

His most recent statements, however, may be some of the most asinine, inflammatory we’ve heard to date:

Does MillerCoors have any ethical guidelines for events it will – or will not – promote (through ads) and participate in? Would MillerCoors sell beer and advertise at, say, an Incest Rights festival, or take out an ad in the publication of other openly bigoted gatherings such as a Neo-Nazi rally?

Bill Donohue and his Catholic League have yet to get caught up in the hyperbolic brouhaha, but we’re sure they will!