Right-Wing Blogs Allege Slain U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens Was Gay

We’ve seen plenty of right-wing pundits lay the blame for the death of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens at the feet of President Obama—claiming a so-called policy of appeasement enabled militant Islamic factions to commit such an act of terror.

But conservative blog HillBuzz is reporting Stevens was gay—something supposedly widely known in his Chicago hometown—and blame the Obama Administration for knowingly sending a homosexual into a Middle Eastern country, where his death would presumably be inevitable.

Well, that’s a new one on us.

According to HillBuzz‘s Kevin DuJan, whose story has been picked up by numerous right-wing and Tea Party sites like FreeRepublic.com and Libertarian Republic.net it was something of an open secret:

Of course, [my sources have] all been talking about Ambassador Stevens’ murder by Muslims in Libya: and all of them are incredulous that the State Department sent a gay man to be ambassador to a Muslim country. News reports continue to indicate that the Muslims who murdered Stevens also raped him repeatedly, before and after his death.

I was told by friends in the City’s protocol office to go over to the Second Story Bar in downtown Chicago, just off Michigan Avenue, because it’s where a lot of gay guys who work for both the city and the consulates go after work…

The Serbian consulate employee identified himself to me as “Dino” and wouldn’t give me any more of a name than that, but told me it was no secret that Chris Stevens was gay and that “it was stupid to send him to Libya as the ambassador when he was a known homosexual.”

Dino explained in great detail that the brutal sodomizing of Stevens’ corpse was something that Muslims do to show the “utmost disrespect to the body” and that this is “a great insult in Islam” reserved for homosexuals. ”It is like making him a woman in death and he will be a woman now after life” the Serbian explained to me. There’s a good

Chris Stevens and Austin Tichenor

chance this guy was Muslim too, and gay, which makes my head spin more than a little since he seemed to have no anger at all in his voice that Muslims in Libya assassinated the American ambassador and then sodomized his corpse.

“He should not have gone there” was the general consensus from this man.

DuJan, a gay blogger with a mad-on for Obama, also sees Steven’s friendship with former roommate Austin Tichenor as some kind of smoking gun because of a reference to Brideshead Revisted on Tichenor’s Facebook posts about his murdered friend. (Oh brother.)

Was Stevens, 52, gay? The only references to his personal life we could find was that he was single, but that’s not an indication one way or another. If he was gay, we’re proud to have had a member of the LGBT community stand as what President Obama called “a courageous and exemplary representative of the United States.”

But politics has really gotten crazy when Tea Party sites are protesting the “mistreatment” of a gay diplomat by a Democratic president. Maybe Obama should come out against marriage equality—the right might take it up as a cause just to spite him.