Right Wing Christians Mad At Matt Foreman

The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission ain’t too happy with Matt Foreman.

The gay activist got their goat last week when, while memorializing shot teen Simmie Williams Jr., Foreman insisted that people are not born homophobic, but are taught, including while at church. And now the CAC’s out for figurative blood. Said spokesperson Reverend Gary Cass:

Foreman is guilty of gross Christian bashing, the very kind of bashing he says he opposes against homosexuals.

Radical homosexuals like Foreman are quick to exploit this tragic situation for their own political purposes and in order to bash Christians. Matt Foreman owes the ministers of Broward County an apology.

Faithful Christian churches must oppose homosexual behavior, just as they must oppose other behavior they consider to be sinful…

Cass then asks for proof that a pastor “has has ever suggested or condoned violence”. The man’s obviously not a big history buff…