Right-Wing Claim: Prop 8 Will Prevent Children From Becoming Whores

Right-wingers have some crazy notions about us gays. We’re responsible for all sorts of social and natural ills – AIDS, Katrina, no white after Labor Day. And now we’re apparently responsible for human trafficking. That’s why, according to some social conservatives, California must pass Proposition 8, the ballot measure intended to overturn gay marriage:

Prop 8 Marriage Protection Amendment will help hinder human trafficking of children by reinforcing the social structure of the traditional, nuclear family.

Most hear of trafficking overseas. Now there is “reverse trafficking”. Predators come to the United States to have sex with children.

Prop 8 Impact: Child prostitutes predominantly come from broken homes where girls do not have a stable two parent family. Instead they are either thrown away, run away or lured. If these children had the balance of a mother and a father the chances of them falling into the hands of the predator are drastically reduced.

Reinforcing the natural, traditional family of a mother and father by Prop 8 will help build and maintain sound families protecting children. Much more will need to be done i.e. bringing moral integrity to the culture.

Homosexual marriage sets forth an open door for confusion of what is normal. Homosexual acceptance takes away the stability of the societal standard of mother and father.

And then America will be made up entirely of whores and pimps and God will smite us and send us to hell, where Satan himself will sodomize every last citizen. Unless you vote for Prop 8, which will immediately end all evil in the world and propel our nation to celestial heights.

Hoorah for mass delusions!