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Right-wing congressional candidate and stalker Omar Navarro melts down over gay Disney character

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Congressional candidate and right-wing commentator Omar Navarro staged a massive Twitter meltdown this weekend over the inclusion of a gay character in the new Disney film Cruella.

Navarro, who has run to unseat popular California Congresswoman Maxine Waters three times and lost every time, took to social media to accuse Disney of ruining his childhood by including an implied LGBTQ character in the story.

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“The new Disney Cruella with Emma Stone just ruined my childhood with an openly flamboyant gay in the movie,” Navarro tweeted May 30. “Disney persist [sic] shoving the LGBT agenda down our throat.”

Of course, Twitter raked in kind, led by none other than activist Chasten Buttigieg.

“Your entire childhood? All of it? Gone? Just like that?” Buttigieg tweeted, alongside a gif of Nathan Lane fainting in the film The Birdcage. 

“Disney doesn’t have a “gay agenda,” echoed voice actor Charlie Adler, perhaps best known as the voice of Buster Bunny on Tiny Toon Adventures. “Disney like most of the world has begun to embrace diversity & be inclusive by representing all people. As 4shoving things down your throat I’d consult a Freudian psychiatrist as to your choice of words in this particular tweet.”

“That’s so interesting because nobody said the character was gay,” noted queer Twitter account The Disco Unicorn. “Never mentioned once in the movie. Wasn’t any romance between him and another guy. All he did was … wear eyeliner and behave flamboyantly? So Alex from Clockwork Orange is also gay? And Batman is gay too? WEIRD.”

“It’s great isn’t it. ?” teased actress Rosanna Arquette.

Several other Twitter users mocked Navarro’s reference to a ruined childhood, particularly given his own criminal history. In 2017, while volunteering as a member of the Torrance Traffic Commission, a bystander caught Navarro on video pepper-spraying a child at a sanctuary city rally. He subsequently resigned his position, accusing Torrence Mayor Patrick Furey of bowing to pressure from Maxine Waters. Navarro also plead guilty to a misdemeanor in 2016 after planting an electronic tracking device on his then-wife’s car. The court also issued a restraining order against Navarro. The couple later divorced.

2019 saw Navarro run afoul with women and the law yet again, as a court issued a restraining order against him for stalking his former girlfriend DeAnna Lorraine. He served six months in prison as part of a felony conviction for stalking as a result as well.

Undeterred by felony convictions, prison terms or political losses, Navarro has already announced he intends to run against Maxine Waters in 2022.