Right Wing Gets Panties Twisted Over Dan Savage’s Digs On Christian Teens At School Talk

Shills for the right-wing agenda are apoplectic over Dan Savage again—this time because he mocked students who walked out of his speech at a journalism conference sponsored by the Journalism Education Association.

“We can learn to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about gay people the same way we have learned to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about shellfish, about slavery, about dinner, about farming, about menstruation, about virginity, about masturbation,” he told the National High School Journalist Conference in Seattle. “We ignore bullshit in the Bible about all sorts of things.”

Addressing some students who walked out of his talk, Savage said “You can tell the Bible guys in the hall they can come back now because I’m done beating up the Bible. It’s funny as someone who is on the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the Bible how pansy-assed people react when you push back.’

Head capo Jimmy LaSalvia of GOProud was there to defend the defenseless:

“Dan Savage should apologize for his comments and should apologize to the high-school students in attendance whom he called ‘pansy-asses… It is ironic that someone whose claim to fame is fighting bullying would resort to bullying tactics in attacking high school students who were offended by his outrageous remarks.

Dan Savage’s outrageous anti-Christian tirade hurts—not helps—the fight for gay rights in this country… There is nothing incompatible between being a Christian and believing that all people should be treated equally, and Dan Savage’s attacks on Christianity only fuel those on the extremist fringe who oppose gay rights.”

Actually Savage should be commended for illustrating how some so-called Christians want the freedom to speak against gay people but not the responsibility of hearing any reaction to their opinions. Freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism. You ain’t a victim, honey.

Could Savage have used a little more tact in addressing those budding journos? Probably, but if they can’t handle hearing someone say not nice things about them, they might want to consider a different career path. Trust.

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  • Awesome

    If you can’t take the heat… Two thumbs up for Mr. Savage.

  • Adam

    Don’t think he should apologize for the sentiment, but probably for the “pansy-ass.” It really IS ironic (and inappropriate) that an anti-bullying advocate would resort to childish name calling against some confused high school students. Plus, “pansy” is a pretty loaded words when it comes to sexuality and gender in history… not sure if he should ever be using it against anyone in a demeaning way.

  • the other Greg

    @Adam: As a gardener I’ve never understood the slurs against pansies. They’re actually one of the tougher flowers, they handle frost like no others can and still look good. They’re one of the earliest ones out in spring and in many places they hang around cheerfully until Nov. or December. Pansies are TOUGH, man! Hey Dan Savage, stop bullying pansies.

  • Clockwork

    Dan Savage is no Christopher Hitchens.

    That was a weak speech, if you can call it that. Savage should dress up for these events he may find that a start to holding audience attention.

    There is a very compelling case to be made when it comes to Abrahamic religions and their Biblical teachings…Savage is not making it.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Clockwork: What do you suggest he wear? Alexander McQueen or Yves Saint-Laurent?

  • the other Greg

    @Clockwork: Yeah, when I see Dan on TV he’s always the worst-dressed guy there. An odd gay role model, that way. He always looks like he just left his dishwashing shift at Chili’s.

  • Good Wood

    Dan Savage never has and never will represent me, any more than Al Sharpton represents all blacks, or any more than Mel Gibson represents all heterosexuals. Why anyone pays attention to this shock-crock is way beyond me. His hypocritical attitude of “I can offend you but you can’t offend me, so nya” has grown old and annoying. Someone make him go away.

  • Clockwork

    @David Ehrenstein:

    $100 at the Gap would be an improvement for his public appearances.

  • Skulander

    Dear GOPRoud,

    Of COURSE one can be a Christian and fight for civil and human rights. We all know people who fit that category.

    Dan Savage was not berating all Christians. He was berating that special kind of Christians who think they have special privileges in using the Bible to oppress and deny LGBT people their human and civil rights. The Bible DOES contain quite a few absolutely outrageous statements: thing is, you can’t just pick and chose what you want from it. Either you embrace it entirely or you use a relativistic approach to the Bible. We HAVE ignored the slavery and the abuses to women that the Bible contains. We can, and should, do the same thing about LGBT individuals.

    I suggest GOProud stop putting itself as victims and if they are truly committed to fighting for gay rights they should be part of the solution. Currently, they are part of the problem.

  • ousslander

    no problem with what he said about cherry picking bible quoters. It’s the the name calling of the same high schoolers, he was there to preach to about antibullying. scratch the surface and you’ll find most people to be hypocrites about what they are most vocal about.

  • Gay Defense Shield

    Dan Savage is 100% Correct and Accurate. He needs to add that the Bible is very GAY friendly in both the Old and New Testaments. In addition, in the book of Mark and the lost book of Mark their is homoerotic evidence that Jesus was having sexual relations with a young man. OMG! Not Jesus too!

    Dan email me at [email protected]


  • D P

    ABSOLUTE NOT, Jimmy LaSalvia. What Dan Savage did and said then and there was completely appropriate and well deserved. What you fail to recognize is that the very bullying originating from the bible-thumper zombies are their manifesting the opinion that LGBT people are less than their equal. Plus they do so with complete self-rightousness grounded in the tenets that are aged and very much out-dated, not to mention that they’re false.
    Dan Savage merely demonstrated just what the ‘receiving end’ of bullying would feel like, and he did so without laying a finger on any one of them.

    THANK YOU, Dan Savage for standing up for us and everyone! And THANK YOU, to whomever recorded that event for posterity!

  • pedro

    Can you imagine MLKjr. cursing out a room of highschool white kids? Do you think that would have gotten the black civil rights movement anywhere? Certainly this man has the necessary vocabulary to get his point across without using curse words…or maybe not. It’s not about scoring points against a group of Christan Teenagers, it’s about advancing the cause, and no one can argue that Savage actually changed one mind or advanced the cause with this silly performance. Lastly, this man is middle-aged and yet he seems desperate to want to hold on to some outmoded notion of hipness, he seems to think that throwing around curse words is a good way to do this, it’s not. I never had much respect for the guy, but I did think he was savvy enough to not give free ammunition to the antigays…guess I was wrong.

  • D P

    “Actually Savage should be commended for illustrating how some so-called Christians want the freedom to speak against gay people but not the responsibility of hearing any reaction to their opinions. Freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism. You ain’t a victim, honey.” — Dan Avery

    And to Dan Avery, THANK YOU, TOO! for pointing that out, that freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism. I was so incensed and had to respond to Jimmy LaSalvia’s comment that I didn’t get past his quotes to read yours. You’re absolutely right!

  • JAW

    Dan is a bully… To yell across a room of a thousand people, that those leaving are “PANSY-ASSED” makes him the biggest Bully of all.

    Perhaps these kids went to learn what they could do in their school to help “it gets better” organize… and instead it pissed them off.

    Dan just proved that he does not really give a shit about it getting better… all he wants is the money that he has made doing appearances etc.


  • D P

    @pedro: – Funny you should think that, and point it out, pedro. Dan Savage didn’t change my mind, but galvanized my feelings. You might not find much respect for Savage, but he has elevated my respect for him. And, if you think that always taking the high road – and NOT demonstrating what the receiving perception viewpoint looks like – is the answer, go back and live in pre-1969 Alabama as a out-gay. Assuming that your name/handle indicates your nationality, try it even as an hispanic, and see what that gets you.

  • pedro

    @D P: I am a Catholic, but there was always one Atheist I had profound respect for, and that’s Christopher Hitchens…I read a couple of his books and watched him speak many times, once live…The man never used bad language, because he was a master of English and could dessimate his opponent using his rhetorical genius. Obviously, Savage is no intellectual giant and doesn’t have Hitchen’s vocabulary available to him, otherwise, he wouldn’t have to used grade-school language like “bullshit” and “pansyassed”–Who the hell says “pansyassed” away… Savage, were he intellectually equipped, could have made his point in a much more profound and effective fashion, but he is no Hitchens…Or even MLKjr…He’s just an overexposed sex columnist!

  • Bill

    He is 100% right, especially the very last sentence in the video. But he would have been even more effective if he’d refrained from using “bullshit” and especially if he hadn’t said “pansy-assed” although I do think he intended the latter ironically.

  • stevoj

    Dan Savage is a hypocrite… it might as well have been Andy Dick yelling up there cuz i could care less what either of them have to say

    and this Queerty bias is really getting on my nerves. Dan Avery, you would make an awful lawyer (and not in the good way)

  • Codswallop

    Dan Savage has issued an apology for the “pansy assed” remark but he’s sticking to his guns on the rest, which is good since every word of it was true. You can say “he shouldn’t have said ‘bullshit’ because he might offend them!” but when ISN’T the Christian Right offended? These are the people call it a “war on Christmas” if a clerk in a store wishes them Happy Holidays!

    And if he hadn’t said “bullshit” would anyone be paying attention? Probably not because his argument isn’t new, in fact Jack Black starred in a musical video about cherry-picking the Bible before Prop 8, and the Right just ignored it. At least now there’s discussion.

    The Bible DOES approve of slavery, it DOES say adulterers should be stoned, it DOES say those who divorce and remarry are adulterers, it DOES say women should keep their traps shut and obey their husbands, it DOES have all sorts of rules that self-proclaimed Christians ignore because it’s inconvenient to them. And it’s WAY too fucking convenient for them that they ignore the rules that apply to themselves while insisting that the few mentions of homosexuality are the real deal.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I would have had more respect for those students if they had stood and turned their backs to Savage, instead of walking out. There is some belief that this was a staged walk out, considering it began just as he started talking about the Bible.

    What saddens me most about this is that those anti-gay students, don’t like having their anti-gay bias pointed out in front of others. Clearly they are the people Savage was talking about when he said that some people need to get over the bullshit the Bible says about homosexuality.

    What makes me happy is the fact that according to some anti-gay sites, there were students from Christian schools present. If only 100 students, out of 2800 left, that means many Christian students supported Savage’s statements, by the fact that he got a standing O when he was finished. So there is hope for America after all.

    That said, Savage should have refrained from talking about how hot his BF is in a Speedo, and how Savage can’t keep his hands off him. That was unnecessary in any context.

  • Oh, ok

    Thank you.

    Except adding to that Savage has also made MANY r acist remarks over the years which also slap gay non-white across the face which there are more gay non-white men on the planet considering we make up the majority of the people in the world.

    He is not fighting for gay equality, he’s fighting to increase the size of his own wallet, and wants a whites only following.

    He’s the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen. It’s like Hitler was reborn a bigger idiot than his last incarnation. I can’t fathom how someone who’s so blatant in hating and degrading others has become a celebrity but once people go back and read the MANY sick comments he’s made about other groups(including non-white gays) they’ll kick his pansy ass to the curb.

    Full story here:

  • Bernie

    Just goes to show how intolerant, bigoted and hate filled the disgracefully, disgusting gay movement is. Anytime anyone disagrees with your evil, vile and disgusting life style it is deemed by you all as “hate speech”, however you can try and ram your horrific agenda down every ones throat with similar language & attacks used by one of your activists Mr/Mrs/Mistake Savage….why not change your name to SADS because it more personifies your twisted choice of a life style.

  • Robert in NYC

    If anyone’s on the “fringe”, its GOProud! Self-loathers voting for homophobes doesn’t get any clearer than that.

  • JAW

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    They are kids… not adults… they can’t even vote.

    Where did you read that the kids said that they were anti gay? I did not see that.

    Those of us that have followed dan for years know how anti catholic/christian he is… but that is ok… these kids can’t defend their faith without being called pansy-assed by someone 30+ years older then they are … who should know better!!

    He is a BULLY

  • pedro

    @J: Umm…wishing for somebody’s death is not cool. There are pedophiles and mass-murderers in the world, and you’re wishing for the death of Dan Savage? I don’t particularly like or respect the guy, but I would never wish for his death. Get a grip dude!!

  • mc

    Maybe Queerty should put the follow up story where Savage apologized for calling the kids who walked out pansy assed on Slog? It might be nice to get the complete current story.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Clearly they are not just average kids, if their schools felt they were advanced enough to travel to a conference on journalism. Just because they can’t vote, doesn’t mean they can’t use some common sense. Like i wrote, they would have made a more profound statement if, hey had stayed, but turned their backs to Savage.

    As far as my comment that they are anti-gay, the simple fact that these students–who according to, all came from the same school, and class–began to leave just as Dan started talking about Christians using the Bible as an excuse to be anti-gay, demonstrates that they are anti-gay.

    So rather than learn to debate, and support their bigotry, they walk away? If they can’t handle hearing a speaker say something they disagree with, then how will they ever be competent journalists? I’m pretty sure the boy and girl, who are brother and sister, and were the first two to leave, (you can see them in the video,) will be good Christian anti-gay journalists.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Bernie, thank you for taking time away from secretly watching gay porn, and masturbating, to post that comment.

  • Oh, ok

    I’m so glad kids…his main audience and source of income won’t stand for his bullshit.

    Savage is on his way out. People can see past him finally. He’s such an idiot he can’t even hold the attention of children and he was so insulted by them walking out that he chose to call them names even though he’s at least 30 years older than them.

    What a child.

    Savage is nothing more than a mini gay Hitler and being pro-gay considering he is gay himself(self-serving) does not allow him to bash others the way he does or spew the hatred that he does.

    If you aren’t a white gay male Savage doesn’t care about you and isn’t trying to speak for you to begin with. He spits all over non-white people, religious people, transgender people, and more but has the nerve to whine about how his rights are being taken away.

    Can’t wait till his “career” of running his ignorant and bigoted mouth falls apart.

  • pedro

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Why did you give that guy the time of day? That’s all he craves…leave him be!!

  • Oh, ok

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Savage came in being anti-religion, Savage is a bigot, they are children.

    Children aren’t going to stand and turn their backs in a political statement. They’re going to walk out. Their brains aren’t even finished developing yet(scientific fact, the human brain isn’t fully developed until the 20s).

    I’m glad they walked out, even though I don’t know them I’m proud they walked out. They turned away from a bigot and voted with their actions against the tired “shock jock” style ignorance of Dan Savage.

    I see no reason to pick them apart when it’s Savage who’s the bully and Savage who is a detriment to not only gay people of all colors but to young people in general considering it’s their minds he’s trying to warp.

    Have we already forgotten shortly after prop 8 he blamed all black people and told all of his white gay readers it was ok to start dropping N-bombs? And many did just that, mostly at black gay people in West Hollywood.

    I don’t care how the CHILDREN chose to express themselves, it’s the so called “adult” I’m concerned with. He’s the one calling children pansies for not wanting to listen to him.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @Oh, ok:

    Savage has always been anti-religion. For people in the age of the internet, to claim not to know what the it Gets Better campaign is, or who stated it is absurd.

    And children do stand, and turn their backs. It has happened a multitude of times when anti-gay speakers have presented at schools all across America. these kids were cowards, and left simply because they didn’t like Savage pointing out their bigotry, and their use of the Bible to justify it. If they were brave enough to walk out, they were brave enough to stand their ground.

    As far as “picking apart” these students–they proved their anti-gay credentials when they listened to the speech, but left when he called out bigots using the Bible as justification to hate.

    As for his passy-assed remark, Savage has already apologized for that. Something anti-gay bigots would never do.

  • todd

    I don’t think he did a good job. If his point was to discuss with these students why they may be on the wrong page to what the bible says; he failed. He had to have known discussing the bible with students who have been raised on the message the bible says homosexuality is a sin and an abomination was going to be an uphill battle. So swearing and other tacky language was never going to work. He lost them more for swearing than for his message. Might they have left the forum anyway? Probably, as they hear the same arguments over and over as to why they are wrong in their views. But, to send the message in a swear ladened tirade of “bullshit this, and bullshit that” was seen as rude. He got the response he deserved.

  • Garrity the Gay Righty

    For you ill-informed liberals out there, we gay Republicans aren’t self-loathing, no more than black or female Republicans are. In fact, we can be quite arrogant in our conviction that you guys are wrong on 90% of issues, that you live in a fantasy world, and that going right really IS right. I know for a fact that I am far superior a human being to at least 50% of the people posting on this site—that sound like a self-loather to you?

  • Me

    Not all whites are racists. Not all blacks are criminals. Not all Christians are anti-gay. Enough with the stereotypes and hate speech. This includes hate speech from Savage when he generalizes and attacks Christians. In his home state of Washington there are over 200 – 300 churches that are inclusive and support LGBT equality. He should stop the attacks and the stereotyping. Instead of building bridges or opening his own eyes he promotes division and hate.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    He only said bullshit once. And I’m sure those kids have heard much worse than that. In fact, the first boy and girl to walk out are brother and sister. Their father called Savage a “puke” in an interview. How very Christian of him.

  • Oh, ok

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: And how did he help to change their opinions? If anything he made them feel more justified.

    We don’t need him as a public speaker, he does more harm than good.

  • Randy

    Clean up the language. He may be speakng to high school students but he doesn’t have to talk like one. Instead of playing into how religion gets twisted he should try to present the better way or more fair way.

  • Pushbutton

    @Randy: Well said.

  • JAW

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    Interesting… You find it ok for dan to call this man’s kids “pansy-assed”
    yet Dad stands up and defends his kids and calls Dan a nasty name… and Dad is wrong… but Dan is right??????


  • cam

    So they want the freedom to run my live and take away my civil rights, but I can’t have the freedom to express my opinion of their actions.

  • Auntie Mame

    @Garrity the Gay Righty: Nope. Sounds like a totally fake comment, though.

  • Auntie Mame

    All this controversy does is to make him more popular. Perhaps that’s what these “critics” really want in the long run – gotta have somebody to fight with & hate.

    I’ve never particularly cared for Savage but only because I don’t find him funny or all that interesting and the letters to his column seem entirely fake. If you don’t like somebody don’t go see their shows, or buy their stuff, or stage a “walk-out”.

  • Oh, ok

    @cam: “They” who? Nameless and faceless arguments make problems sound bigger than they are.

    The civil rights which we currently do not have are not nearly as big or important as you’re making them out to be.

    Do we deserve them? Yes. Do we have to act irate as if it’s life threatening? Nope.

    No one can stop you from expressing your opinions, but everyone has the right to ignore you if they so choose.

    There are people in America who are currently having much more serious civil rights being taken away and you’re choosing to ignore that. That’s your choice and your freedom…but it makes you look and sound ridiculous.

    There are reasons why it’s taking so long for gay civil rights and ignorance from the gay camp is one of them.

  • Auntie Mame

    @Oh, ok: Counting yourself amongst the members of said gay camp, I hope.

  • Oh, ok

    @Auntie Mame: I didn’t think I needed to say I’m a part of the gay camp on a gay blog in the comments section…but ok.

    Did you actually have something on topic to say about the rest of the paragraph?

  • WillBFair

    Bottom line: he made great points about the fundy hypocrisy but made strategic mistakes calling the bible bull—- and the students pansy—. The former is insulting to our liberal christian allies, and the latter is insulting to everyone. This is a screw up of what should have been a very informative talk. Instead, he gave the far right something to use to change the subject. Again, strategic mistake.

  • Auntie Mame

    @Oh, ok: So straight people don’t read or comment on Queerty. That’s mighty bigoted of you. But, hey, at least at you’re honest about being a bigot.

  • Auntie Mame

    @WillBFair: The far right never stays on subject, neither does the far left.

  • JayKay

    Dan Savage is an attention-whoring jackass.

    That’s the one thing tranny activists and I seem to consistently agree on.

  • B

    No. 23 · Bernie wrote, “Just goes to show how intolerant, bigoted and hate filled the disgracefully, disgusting gay movement is. Anytime anyone disagrees with your evil, vile and disgusting life style it is deemed by you all as “hate speech”, …”

    So, according to Bernie, calling some unspecified person a “pansy ass” is somehow comparable to how gays are treated? And stating an opinion as an invited speaker is comparable to the uninvited Christians who picket gay pride parades and shout through megaphones?

    Does Bernie know how to spell “hypocrisy”?

  • Uncle Mo

    Meh… content is spot on, language is close to spot on. Thank you Dan Savage.

  • Malcolm

    Dan is right as usual. A brilliant take down of the fairy tale that is ‘the Bible’. People who believe it are idiots/mentally ill. It’s there version of an imaginary friend. If we’re going to hold up ‘The Bible” as a document enabling public policy, why not the fairytales of Hans Christian Anderson or Walt Disney? As for these pampered, spolit-rotten, birdbrained students and their insular little worlds, your fake outrage is laughable. These students along with their adult counterparts murdered Jack Reese, Seth Walsh, Tyler Clementi, Justin Aaberg etc etc etc. At least these disgusting bigoted fucks are alive. WELL DONE DAN AGAIN for showing them up to be the most un-Jesus like frauds on the planet.

  • Oh, ok

    @Auntie Mame: I take it by your ridiculous troll posts that you have nothing to add at all to the conversation. Is that you, Dan? You sound mighty butt hurt.

  • Oh, ok

    @Uncle Mo: My, it looks as if Dan Savage himself has graced us with his presence to troll anyone who doesn’t agree with his nonsense.

    At least if you’re going to troll try sounding different and not using names so ridiculously similar.

  • Mikey

    Oh yes, because the best way to get your anti-bullying message across is by bullying others. Way to go Savage, you’ve done more harm than good.

  • dk

    @Mikey: Yes because I’m sure if we’re all good, well-behaved, little sheep they will give us our rights. Didn’t know the fundies were so delicate that being called a “pansy-ass” could shatter them. Maybe they should try walking in our shoes for a day. Doubt they’d last.

  • Toferdavid

    I’ve lost all respect for him for his actions and then his unwillingness to apologize. To admit no wrongdoing is despicable and this one act is going to do a ton of harm. He was presenting at a conference for high school students. His speech and response to those who walked out deplorable. Frankly, I can’t understand how anyone can defend his actions. Anti-Christian hate that he spewed is no better than those that malign the GLBTQ community.

  • dk

    @Toferdavid: Because saying “pansy-ass” and “bullshit” is comparable to how the religious community has abused us for centuries? You’re falling into their trap. They want us all to be silent. Just look at the recent legislation to make it illegal to even say the word gay.

  • mc

    @Toferdavid: @Toferdavid: He did apologize for the pansy assed reference if that’s what you’re referring to. He wrote it this morning, but for some reason there’s been no update on this site. I don’t think he apologized for the points about the bible.

  • Mark

    “Didn’t know the fundies were so delicate that being called a “pansy-ass” could shatter them.”


    You know the gay kids who hang themselves? Probably the parents of the bullies say the same thing: pansy ass should have been “woman enough to take it!”

    That South Park episode with the bullies doing the bullying and ultimately all this was for profit ——it was prophetic. Trey Parker is a genius.

  • Mark

    I meant the South Park with the anti-bullies doing the bullying. The school counselor bullies a student and then the anti-bully rep bullies the school counselor and the corporate guy bullies to anti-bully rep and finally South Park Jesus get involved.

    The anti bully campaign is about respect and acceptance. To sit there and defend Savage using “bullish*t” and “pansy ass” in a speech! Hilarious!

  • dk

    The bullying LGBT kids deal with is not equivalent to this situation. They were being called out for staging a walk out on a speaking just because he rightly criticized the harmful things in their religion. So you think the Bible should never be criticized ever? We should uphold slavery and stone women who aren’t virgins on their wedding night?

  • Jonathonz

    I’m glad that people are starting to call out the bible on it’s many inconsistencies and contradictions. It needs to be said. However, he definitely could have been a bit more diplomatic. Profanity is rarely effective and in a speech to high-schoolers, it’s rightly considered offensive.

  • ErikSF

    LMAO Dan Savage is not classy and knows nothing about class. A lot of LGBT people-myself included-find him to be childish, vindictive, and vile and he does not represent the LGBT community or all gay men either. He’s nothing but a media whore and represents nobody but himself even if people here want to worship everything he does and claim that he’s not a bigot, or that he’s not ra cist, biphobic, transphobic, and a total hypocrite who shouldn’t be working with LGBT youth or running an anti-bullying PSA campaign that’s not working.

    Those of us in Seattle and other areas of the Pacific Northwest know that Dan Savage is an opportunistic parasite who will not hesitate to throw you under the bus if you don’t fit into his vision of right wing Log-cabin-lite politics. The It Gets Better campaign does nothing to empower queer youth. In fact, we are seeing a whole generation of LGBT kids make these videos and then kill themselves, while Dan Savage tells them to pull themselves to up by their bootstraps and he profits off the dead by hawking his self-help books. what we need is action and strategy, a battle plan to help LGBT kids survive, and deal directly with the homophobes (for example, how to file a complaint and lawsuit against your school district) and not snake oil charms like the It Gets Better media sham.

    Dan Savage only started the it gets better project not to actually help LGBT youth all while practicing his right wing bigotry and hypocrisy of being transphobic, biphobic, and racist; but to self promote and get a reality TV show on MTV.

    LGBT youth are not watching the it gets better videos and we’ve seen LGBT youth who actually made videos who kill themselves.

    It gets better is just a bullshit PR campaign, nothing more.

  • ErikSF

    LMAO Dan Savage is not classy and knows nothing about class. A lot of LGBT people-myself included-find him to be childish, vindictive, and vile and he does not represent the LGBT community or all gay men either. He’s nothing but a media whore and represents nobody but himself even if people here want to worship everything he does and claim that he’s not a bigot, or that he’s not ra cist, biphobic, transphobic, and a total hypocrite who shouldn’t be working with LGBT youth or running an anti-bullying PSA campaign that’s not working.

    Those of us in Seattle and other areas of the Pacific Northwest know that Dan Savage is an opportunistic parasite who will not hesitate to throw you under the bus if you don’t fit into his vision of right wing Log-cabin-lite politics. The It Gets Better campaign does nothing to empower queer youth. In fact, we are seeing a whole generation of LGBT kids make these videos and then kill themselves, while Dan Savage tells them to pull themselves to up by their bootstraps and he profits off the dead by hawking his self-help books. what we need is action and strategy, a battle plan to help LGBT kids survive, and deal directly with the homophobes (for example, how to file a complaint and lawsuit against your school district) and not snake oil charms like the It Gets Better media sham.

    Dan Savage only started the it gets better project not to actually help LGBT youth all while practicing his right wing bigotry and hypocrisy of being transphobic, biphobic, and ra cist; but to self promote and get a reality TV show on MTV.

    LGBT youth are not watching the it gets better videos and we’ve seen LGBT youth who actually made videos who kill themselves.

    It gets better is just a bullshit PR campaign, nothing more.

  • B

    No. 63 · Jonathonz wrote, “Profanity is rarely effective and in a speech to high-schoolers, it’s rightly considered offensive.”

    What profanity? Dan Savage used a vulgarity. For an example of proper word usage, read (a very funny article by Maureen Dowd about an incident when George W. Bush called a New York Times reporter “a major league asshole”). Who are we to argue with the “estimable arbiter of language” for the New York Times?

    Even funnier, Savage used “pansy assed” to refer to some unspecified gay bashers who wilt when there is any “push back”, and used “bullshit” to refer to statements in the Bible that really are nonsensical.

    If I had to name two people who drove the first nails into slavery’s coffin, it would be James Watt (invented the steam engine) and Michael Faraday (invented the electric motor in addition to discovering electromagnetic induction): it was the industrial revolution that made slavery superfluous economically and only then were moral objections to slavery taken seriously enough to end it.

  • G

    I never liked Dan Savage. He’s always been so abrasive. I think he’s well worn out any way he may have actually helped gay rights. I feel that his tactics will only hurt more than they help.

  • R.A.

    @Oh, ok:
    “Savage is nothing more than a mini gay Hitler.”
    And you are Mini Mouse?

  • Auntie Mame

    @Oh, ok: Speaking of butt hurt, how’s yours?

  • Auntie Mame

    @R.A.: That’s what his name tag says.

  • Auntie Mame

    And, no, i’m not Dan Savage. Dan pretty much says what he thinks. I doubt he’d hide behind a screen name like the rest of us. Get real. You people on this site have an enormous ego. How the hell does it fit in your homes?

  • DouggSeven

    The teachers of the journalism students who walked out in protest should ask which students walked out (or at least watch this video and pick out who walked out) and fail them for the semester. You are SUPPOSED to be unbiased and open minded when reporting a story and clearly some students were not. This is journalism 101.

  • DouggSeven

    @ErikSF: Except, this article on queerty has 71 comments on it which is more than any other story on the front page; (as of this writing) meaning he’s got people talking about the hypocracy of the bible in this day and age. I’d say he’s doing a pretty good job of getting a message out. Did he use some not-so-choice words? Perhaps, but what Kirk Cameron said was equally as offensive to me. Find me a high school student who has never used a curse word please – even a christian one. I was forced to go to a bible camp at 16 and I heard supposed-christians talk way worse then he did.

  • Armando

    Stupid kids and stupid school…. What did they think? We’re they looking for a prair speach?

  • JAW

    You talk about being unbiased at a High School journalism convention… Dan showed how niased he is… He started his speech my stating “I hope that you all are using Birth Control”… That statement assumes that ALL (not some) are sexually active.

    Then uses the term bullshit talking about his views of parts of the Bible… that sounds unbiased.

    Then calls out the kids that left, in a mocking tone, that the Bible Lovers in the hallway can come back in… which caused the Bible haters in the hall to laugh and applaud (like kids will do)… That from the King of ant-Bullying???? That was BULLYING

    Then of course referring to the pansy assed that left the speech… That again showed his bias.

    I do not give a crap about picking apart the Bible… what pissed me off is how he went about it. How he singled out the kids that left and bullied them is what is bull shit.

    If Pat Robertson was the one giving the speech… and he was showing what the bible says about homosexuality being bad… and gay kids walked out… and he called what the gay kids did pansy assed… and then told them come back in… I am done bashing your beliefs… would Pat be a Hero??? I Think not.

  • D P

    @Auntie Mame: – Cheers, Auntie Mame! I love you, and the movie!

  • D P

    Somebody tell me: what’s wrong with a proportional response?

    [Thanks to the user ProportionalResponse who gave me the realization.]

  • LaTeesha

    @JAW: He writes a sex advice column. Of course, he’s going to mention birth control. Really, you’ll look for any reason to complain. If you’re going to be offended by what he has to say (he’s not an unknown commodity) then either don’t go or put your big boy panties on & learn how to accept some criticism.

  • Gay Bacon

    @JAW: Your Pat Robertson and Dan Savage analogy is so flawed it’s beyond me why I’m actually responding to you knowing that your logic will find an illegitimate counter.

    People criticize Pat Robertson not because he reads his interpretation of the bible but because his interpretations are borderline psychotic. Remember the whole “Gay’s Day” fiasco. He believes that because Disney World had a gay day, gays were becoming more accepted and the acceptance of gays would bring about more hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and terrorist bombings. He believes 9/11 was brought about because of pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays, lesbians, the American Civil Liberties Union and the People For the American Way. Yes, that’s straight from wiki but it doesn’t change the fact that that’s what he believes.

    Reading the clobber passages and concluding that your sexuality caused 9/11 is in a total different league than calling someone a pansy because they refuse to listen to a viewpoint. Was it tasteless, yes. Bullying, no fucking way.

  • DouggSeven

    @JAW: He’s the speaker – of course he has to be biased. This also reminds me of another reason why the students should fail their journalism course for the semester – for not doing proper research on their subject beforehand.

  • JAW


    If he ended his talk with something like… now remember kids if you are going to be fucking around be careful and be protected… that would have been fine (I chose the words to be shocking)… Starting out the speech was not when it should have been brought up.

    He was there to talk about Bullying… not sex

  • JAW

    @Gay Bacon: LOL… I chose PR as someone on the right. If anyone else on the right had said it instead of PR… we would want them fired, put up to public scorn fined etc. But when Dan Bullies kids on the right… we think it is ok… IT IS NOT OK TO BULLY ANYONE.

    I think that you missed the point that Dan bullied these kids..he singled them out for ridicule. He made them feel hurt. He made them feel humiliated. The guy that has been a champion for stopping the Bullying did it to a few dozen kids in front of their piers.

    Dan makes a living making speeches about bullying… he made big money at that convention… he was brought there to motivate the students to go back to their schools, write stories about ending bullying and not to be bullied at the event.

  • Cain

    No way he shouldn’t apologize for anything. These people get all butt hurt when someone smashes the bible. But when they bash queers in the face they claim it in the name of that useless bible.


    Blood dan savage should of apologized for saying pansy assed to the kids. But he ain’t gotta apologize for anything if he don’t feel like it.

  • Dave

    Dan Savage is not any sort of expert on LGBT issues, bullying, or human sexuality. A lot of LGBT people see Dan who is highly biphobic, transphobic, misogynistic, and ra cist, as being a total hypocrite/bully, media whore, and no better than the Bachmanns, Rick Santorum, and Rev. Phelps and his klan. By doing this he’s basically giving fodder to anti-LGBT people and anti-LGBT conservatives/Christians, and doing what he does best which is run his mouth, be a media whore, and talk out of his ass.

  • Thomathy

    There’s certainly a lot of concern trolls here. Savage didn’t say anything untrue and he certainly wasn’t bullying anyone. And what he did isn’t what bullying is. It’s either ignorance or idiocy to think that criticism or insulting language amount to bullying. And that’s what Dan Savage did, he criticised and insulted those kids and they deserve it.

    They deserve much worse despite being the victims of religious indoctrination. They deserve ridicule and they ought to feel the shame of that ridicule, at least that would indicate some level of awareness for how they perpetuate the agonising treatment of gays in the States.

    Various tactics are required to foment social change and Savage takes a particular and harsh tact. Instead of cutting him down, it would be more helpful for people who disagree with his tactics to work at their. An education on the history of civil rights movements might not be amiss for some of the posters here. Martin Luther King wrote what might now be deemed a prescient letter about the dangers of moderates, milquetoasts and those afraid of rocking the boat in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail. People need to read it.

    For the butt-hurt Christians, I’d suggest they regard a mirror until such time as they realise they’re the oppressive majority, but people need their rights now and Dan Savage is at least doing some fighting.

  • JAW


    If trying to humiliate those kids in front of 2000 of their piers is not bullying… then how the hell do you define bullying??

  • Malcolm

    @ Thomathy I agree with you. But the religious right trolls derailing the post are exactly the kinds of ppl who support the Christianist brutality against gays and lesbians. There faux outrage is predictable and embarrassing. Dan is doing a lot right to provoke these kinds of responses and expose these pathological imbeciles for what they are, frauds.

  • Seattlequeer

    I love how people who worship Dan Savage and who love to pretend that he’s not a bully, ra cist, transphobe, or biphobe are claiming that what he said to his own audience was somehow classy, tactful, and not bullying. Then again it’s like someone else wrote: Those of us in Seattle and the PNW know that Dan Savage is nothing but a conceited closet Log Cabin Republican and bully, and he’ll be the first to throw you under the bus if you don’t agree with everything he spews out of his mouth that’s completely wrong about women, sex, politics, LGBT issues, bisexuals, trans people, and black voters in the state of California. We as LGBT people should not take him or anything he says seriously since despite what he thinks and how he’s a media whore he does not represent all gay white men, and does not represent LGBT people or our community.

  • Robert in NYC

    Bullying? Hardly! In the lecture, he said: “People often say that they can’t help with the anti-gay bullying acts because it says right there in Leviticus, it says right there in Timothy, it says right there in Timothy, it says right there in Romans, that being gay is wrong.”

    “We can learn to ignore the bulls**t in the Bible and what it says about gay people,” he said, and went on to compare the acceptance of homophobic teachings to the acceptance of those verses which seem to support slavery and eating shellfish.

    What he did was point out the hypocrisy and the cherry picking by people who claim to be “christian”. Too bad they can’t handle the “bulls**t, they’ve been dishing it out to us with impunity over the decades, the kind of hate language that ends up with young gay teens committing suicide, among other things, all rooted in religion. Alluding to polygamy and incestuous relationships that could ensue as a result of marriage equality is just a classic example of their hatred and the bullying and we’re not supposed to be angry?

  • Jay

    Malcolm, that’s nice. Dan Savage doesn’t care about LGBT youth, or about the rights of LGBT people. He just wants to pretend that he does when in reality it’s just about him getting media attention for himself, getting paid a lot of money for pointless public speaking events, and selling his sham of “It gets better” which doesn’t actually do anything. There are LGBT people who are Christians and who are religious/spiritual but you wouldn’t know it if you listen to Dan Savage.

  • Pearl

    I’m a straight woman and I think Dan Savage is awesome! It’s absurd how Christians bend the bible for for their own means. I’m glad Dan’s speaking out. Here’s a vid of David Pakman’s show where a bunch of them called in ranting about god cursing gays. It’s horrifying how ignorant and intolerant people can be.

    As a footnote, when I was in college in Texas I was gang-raped by a group of young Christian men. Their families were rich and owned businesses in Texas. I was told if I went to the police they would hunt me down and shoot me dead and rape me again.

  • Drew

    Pearl since you’re a woman who has been raped you should know that Dan Savage is a rape apologist and a woman who had been raped wrote into him saying how she didn’t want to have sex with her husband since she’d been recently raped and having sex with her husband would trigger her. Dan with all of his class, wit, and charm told her to “Stop being such a shit, I don’t care if you don’t want sex with your husband have sex with him anyway.” Gee what a nice guy!

  • Pearl

    @Drew: When was that? Do you have a link?

  • Pearl

    @Drew: I found that letter you were talking about and you’re representing it VERY differently than it was. Dan Savage IS NOT a rape apologist by any means.

    The woman that was raped had a husband and a boyfriend. She had no difficulty having sex with her boyfriend and in fact, she said the sex with him was amazing and left her feeling loved and whole and wonderful. She continued to say that “Since that incident, I cannot stand sex with my husband. I completely flip out when he tries to initiate sexual contact. My skin crawls. I become panicked and feel repulsed. I just cannot handle it. Those times when I go along with it anyway leave me feeling enraged and disgusted.” Then Dan said: “I’m sorry that you were sexually assaulted—that’s awful, PTSD, and I hope you went to the police and I hope you’re pressing charges. But I also hope you know that being the victim of sexual assault is not a Get Out of Being a Human Being Free card.

    Just because you’ve been victimized doesn’t mean you operate in an alternate moral universe where you’re not obligated to take other people’s feelings into consideration—particularly the feelings of people you profess to love and happen to be married to. Your first priority in the wake of your assault had to be your own physical and emotional safety, of course, but your behavior toward your husband is both cruel and selfish.

    If you truly loved your husband and valued your marriage, PTSD, you would’ve put the boyfriend on hold and gotten your ass into therapy without having to be told. It looks to me like you want out of this marriage. But instead of taking responsibility for wanting out, you’re playing the victim card while slamming both hands down on your marriage’s self-destruct button.

    To sum up, PTSD: You’re being a total shit. Do you love your husband? Is your marriage a priority? Then start acting like it: Cut the boyfriend off—for the indefinite future—and get your ass onto a counselor’s couch. If you’re not willing to do those things, PTSD, then stop emotionally assaulting your husband and put both your marriage and him out of their misery.”

  • Pearl

    @Drew: Sorry, I’m not seeing hoe he’s a rape apologist.

  • Just being real

    I think there’s some irony in the fact that Dan Savage has a whole chorus of wealthy, self-absorbed celebrities making “It Gets Better” videos for him and allowing them an opportunity to pretend they’ve saved a life of an LGBT youth… But at the same time, he too easily resorts to cyber-bullying tactics against a politician he doesn’t like, and now he’s bullying his main audeince. Now, it’s true that nobody likes Rick Santorum… least of all me. But I actually find Dan Savage’s hypocrisy in action to be a harder pill to swallow here. Are these tactics of humiliation and public mockery ok for SOME people, just not LGBT people? Or is it just seen as OK or excusable for Dan Savage? Is that the message? Because if it is, I want no part of it.

  • Drew

    Read his reply again, he’s telling the woman who was raped that she should “stop being a total shit” and just basically let her husband rape her even though she has no interest at all in having sex with the husband since it would trigger her and give her a flashback to being raped, and he’s basically saying it would be best if the woman just STFU and let her husband rape her even though she doesn’t want to have sex with him since it’s her duty as a partner/wife to this guy to put out no matter what.

  • Mollie

    Don’t feed the trolls Pearl.

  • Timmeeeyyy!!!

    Every week Queerty should write a headline with the words “Dan Savage,” then sit back and rake in the comments and click-throughs.

  • Drew

    Mollie, way to practice your brand of PC censorship and claim that anyone who dares to criticize Dan Savage, who doesn’t like him or his bigoted and vile viewpoints, or who has an alternative opinion about him is somehow a “troll”.

  • MikeSF

    Malcolm, what conservative Christian right wing trolls? Just because someone does not like Dan Savage or what that media whore and bigot says does not mean that they’re conservative politically or born again Christian.

  • Malcolm

    @ MikeSF. This is an orchestrated, albeit half-witted conservative campaign. Talking Points for that idiot Dana Loesch on CNN came straight from the same sort of comments being made here-but you knew that already. Dan Savage is a threat and so must be stopped. I find it banal (but not surprising) that the same poster keeps repeating the same drivel but with a different signature. Who can tell Drew, Seattlequeer and justbeingdumb(I mean real) apart? Dan Savage is a great American. Being a threat to the establishment/status quo will ensure the conservative propaganda machine will be in overdrive. I think that conservative facebook page (supposedly disbanded) is alive and well, judging from some of the braindead comments here. Mike, just stop pretending you’re pro GLT and that you want gays and lesbians dead-the fact that you support bigoted Xtian fucks is all I need to know. Goodnight and good riddance.

  • Thomathy

    JAW, you say it yourself: it’s humiliation. And they should feel humiliated. They believe in detestable things and they have explicit hate for a specific group of people and wish them to be denied certain rights. Never mind answering the obvious question of why you’re defending them, try answering this question instead: Why do you reduce bullying to a one-time incident in which a number of people are made to feel uncomfortable about their deeply held, deeply hateful beliefs?

    That’s just not bullying. Bullying is the sustained harassment of an individual, almost always involves coercive tactics and takes either a verbal, physical or emotional form as is committed, necessarily, by a person with some kind of power over the victim. Savage humiliated them, as you say, and if they feel humiliated, they can either whine about it (much whining is in evidence) or they can examine their beliefs to see why they should feel humiliated about them. Is it perhaps because they know that what they believe is repugnant and hateful? I don’t think those students are stupid, indoctrinated as they may be, so I’m apt to believe they have doubts about their beliefs. Certainly, that’s upsetting for a True Believer.

    So, again, they weren’t bullied. Presumably they’re preparing to be adults and adults must, lest they be regarded with due contempt, learn to manage criticism of their beliefs and introspectively assess them and even adjust them. Maybe these students are the next generation of oppressive bigots. Maybe they’ve just had a reality check. If the latter is true then I welcome them to the world, where they don’t get to be hateful from within a protective bubble.

  • Mollie

    @Thomathy: Love your comment. It’s exactly what I was thinking when the posters above were calling Dan Savage a bully for exposing the hypocrisy of the Christians. That’s why the extreme right has started a smear campaign to discredit the college educated. They dislike logic when it doesn’t favor their doctrine although it takes a college diploma to point out their inaccuracies.

  • MikeSF

    Mollie, it doesn’t take a college education to be able to tell Fundamentalist Christians or Fundamentalists of any religion/spirituality that they’re way too steeped on Dogma and are wrong, and fanatical.

    Malcolm no I’m not Conservative and I’m not a Fundamentalist Christian either. I personally do not like Dan Savage and I wouldn’t call him a great American. He’s just a media whore and I do agree with Oh, OK’s points about him being ra cist, transphobic, biphobic, and bigoted.

    There are actually a lot of LGBT people who do not like Dan Savage and see him as the media whore and bigot that he is. It doesn’t make us hypocrites, or closeted Log Cabin Republicans like Savage is.

  • Rance

    The only people who are getting their panties twisted are idiots and hypocrites like Malcolm who think that all Christians or people who are spiritual/religious are somehow responsible for the suicides of GLBT youth when in the end it was their own personal choice to commit suicide.

  • MarieDelta

    Malcolm way to practice biphobia and transphobia, and bi/trans erasure by claiming that we bisexuals and trans people are not victims of Fundamentalist religions or a part of the LGBT community like gays and lesbians somehow only are in your mind.

    People like you who are biphobic and transphobic are hypocrites and no better than the Bachmanns, Rick Santorum, or Rev. Phelps.

    Dan Savage is no ally to us bisexuals or trans people either since as others have written and Savage himself has shown by his own actions and his own words that he’s a bigot towards bisexuals and trans people. FYI I’m a bisexual transwoman.

  • Jaroslaw

    If Dan Savage is so irrelevant why are there over 100 posts on this item? Perhaps he isn’t eloquent 100% of the time, (Who is?) but he does manage to get good points across most of the time and obviously gets a lively discussion going. It is sad though every time a controversial subject comes up on any blog, people just will not read. “he didn’t apologize” (he did, partially). He should have used the word bs so much (once?) and I’m really tired of all the accusations of “racist, anti-bi, anti trans etc.” remarks. If you read what Dan wrote in context, the entire essay, it is no such thing. Finally, the people who say “he dosesn’t speak for me” well, it doesn’t seem like you could possibly disagree with everything he is saying or doing if you’re Gay; well, go on, and please do a better job than him so he can be replaced. Or is it much more fun to sit on the sidelines and complain, call him a media whore etc?

  • Jaroslaw

    If Dan is so irrelevant, why are there more than 100 posts on this item? I’m certainly not going to suggest we all love him because he is pro-gay, but there are some pretty harsh criticims of him here, unfounded mostly I think; so please, critics, YOU do a better job so he can be replaced or is it more fun to name call from the sidelines?

  • Fuck Dan Savage

    to think that dan savage could generate 100 posts is actually pretty pitiful. but then to come across his own HIV STIGMA just goes to show how far we have not come since the eighties. Dan Savage is Poz-phobic and I remember reading where he “advised” a gay man who had been in a relationship with an HIV+ man who had died that he should “avoid men with HIV since they are ticking viral time bombs”. WTF we’re not living in the mid or late 80s anymore and Dan Savage is forgetting that there’s such a thing as practicing safer sex.

    what I see: the inability to care for those in your community. Instead, it’s the same ol’ bullshit of making yourselves feel better and more privileged in yet another minority group that is somehow convinced that breaking into a mainstream, CAPITALISTIC, evil hetero-normative society is going to magically make things better – HA! Savage is an A-Gay and is upper middle class and lives in the suburbs with a McMansion and kids and just wants to emulate a Heterosexual lifestyle and thinks that all bisexual and gay men should do this or that we all somehow want to like him. Savage is a media whore with Peter Pan syndrome who just loves attention and can’t get enough of it even if it’s negative attention.

    I’m not sure why so many Savage/It gets better queens on this blog are now claiming and denying that Dan Savage is poz phobic, rac ist, transphobic, and biphobic? He clearly is and if you’ve read his “advice” column or listened
    to his podcasts one can easily see how he has major issues with people who are HIV+ and that he is poz phobic. Or how they’re now revising history and claiming that Savage has never been
    bigoted towards bisexuals, trans people, and African Americans.

    Try doing the resarch on these topics for yourself and you will see how Savage is very bigoted.

    It really is just as bad as the shit we get from Heterosexist society and Rev. Phelps but it’s from another GLBT person so it’s 10,000X more hypocritical and worse when it’s from someone on the inside like this.

    fuck this shit. IT DOES NOT GET BETTER!
    you’ll spend your days feeding the wallets of major corporations. allowing them to sell you a version of gay culture that is more concerned with KILLING YOU and this thing you call “individuality.”

    then instead of actually doing anything about being metaphorically “fucked in the ass” by nearly 99% of americans (because queer/GLBT people still fuck queer/GLBT people over in extreme ways) you’ll turn to some MONEY-HUNGRY ICON like Dan Savage, and repost false, generic information and claim it as your own.

    and don’t forget the pride celebrations and nightly outings, which take you on a spiral into ALCOHOLISM, meth addiction, bareback sex, and recklessness. where a quarter of you end up hiv-positive because nobody has learned how to talk to one another or give a shit about knowing their status or using condoms either in the heat of the moment or as part of having safer sex. and instead of blaming yourselves, you’ll blame others, until you hopefully realize how fucked up the “community” is, and start living a more productive and meaningful life.

    but fuck it, it’s pride and we all know what that is about, right?
    going out, buying shit, getting wasted, buying more shit, getting more wasted, angry, annoyed, horny, stupid, redundant and ugly.

    well, not so much. it’s about stonewall. it’s about resistance. it’s about a memory and celebrating a time when queers were brave enough to stand up and fight against the system in hopes of thriving and forming their own unique culture. stonewall was a riot! not another dreadful, self-loathing party in the gentrified Castro district while watching your “It gets better” video and pretending that you’re actually doing something and actually helping GLBT youth when you’re just giving them the stock quote that EVERY KID-even straight kids-get when school isn’t going so well or when they’re being bullied.

    Someone like Dan Savage who is a primadonna media whore that does not like bisexuals, people with HIV/AIDS, or Trans people is the last person we need representing gay men and GLBT Americans in the media. Yeah Dan, “It gets better” for you! Then again he did start the IGB project just for self promotion, since he can’t resist jumping on any bandwagon while pretending to give a shit and getting your money and attention, and to get a reality TV show on MTV.

    Savage is a tool, media whore, jumps on any bandwaggon-Started his whole “It gets better” project not to actually help GLBT youth but to self promote he and his husband and get an MTV reality TV show with crocodile tears claiming that he’s for GLBT rights when in reality he hates HIV+ people, bisexuals, and trans people and his “advice” column writings and podcasts on these subjects show his hate.

    Then again he did start the It gets better project not to actually help GLBT teens/youth (all while trashing bisexuals like he is still doing now) but he started It gets better just for self promotion to get a reality TV show on MTV, and because he’s a media whore who can’t resist jumping on any bandwagon or saying or doing anything as long as it gets him any sort of attention or media/press coverage.

  • Jaroslaw

    #109 – I don’t know if you responded to me because everytime I write more than three lines my comment gets “awaiting mod”. Well, the “viral ticking timebomb” – I’d have to see the entire column. Everyone here went crazy when he said bisexuals are often homosexuals who can’t admit it. Don’t have room to quote the whole column but he NEVER said bi’s don’t exist but the following comments all acted like he did. So. if you hate him irrationally, fine. Like I said, the offer still stands – do a better job and takeover his.

  • Jaroslaw

    oh, and it DOES get better. Sure there are some who still hate but hey, I’m 52 – I NEVER Thought I would see legal same sex marriage IN MY LIFETIME. This means nothing to you? Gay straight alliances were not even dreamt of when I went to highschool, much less actually existed. Not saying everything is fine, but it is a lot better than it used to be – Social change does not happen overnight.

  • MarieDelta

    Jaroslaw-I’m bisexual and Trans. According to Dan Savage I don’t exist at all.

    I remember reading about how Dan wrote that Poz people are “ticking viral time bombs” years ago and if you do your own research you can find the old article.

    Yes Dan has practiced bisexual erasure and is very biphobic. He completely supported the flawed 2005 “study” done by the bigoted eugenicist Dr. J. Michael Bailey who claimed that bisexual men don’t exist and that this was proven by having people watch porn. In the bisexual documentary “Bi the way” on camera Dan is quoted as saying how bisexual men (in his wrong and bigoted opinion) are “really just gay men or eventually going to come out as gay men” then later he claimed that “bisexuals are mostly straight. They all disappear into heterosexual relationships!” thus proving yet again he’s a bigot, biphobic, and practices bisexual erasure and is no better than Conservative politicians or religious people who claim that nobody can be LGBT.

    Just recently he wrote about how he doesn’t believe in bisexual teenagers or young adults and only would actually believe that someone who is older than 36 is bisexual.

    I’m not even going to go into his issues about Transwomen like me. He’s a total bigot towards us and actually gives out totally wrong advice about being trans and about transitioning.

  • Adam

    Yes it does get better; but not because of Dan Savage and his stupid project of self promotion and being a media whore.

  • Dan is a bully and always has been one

    Dan Savage has and always will be a bully. I remember reading his wannabe “sex advice column” when I lived in Seattle for a short period of time decades ago and he was a majorly egotistical and conceited asshole who bullied and verbally insulted his audience or people who wrote into him asking for “advice”. Nothing much has changed about him at all. As friends of mine in Seattle say about Savage who isn’t even a Seattle native at all but a transplant-“It’s best to ignore Miss Savage. She’s a media whore and we (everyone in Seattle) hate her!” Dan Savage is a rape apologist and a woman who had been raped wrote to him saying how she didn’t want to have sex with her husband since she’d been recently raped and having sex with her husband would trigger her. Dan with all of his class, wit, and charm told her to “You’re being a total shit. I don’t care if you don’t want sex with your husband have sex with him anyway since you’re married to him and it’s your responsibility as his wife to put out.” Gee what a nice guy! Also awhile back in a Seattle bar some guy left a waitress a tip and wrote on the bill “P.S. you could stand to lose a few pounds!” and Dan Savage started a bullying/harassment campaign against this guy and he even found out his home and work telephone number, and recruited people to call him up and bully and harass him. It turns out he got the wrong telephone number and had the wrong man who didn’t even do what Dan claimed he did. The guy and his wife who were bullied and harassed just wanted an apology from Dan Savage and they never got one. Nobody will ever take Dan Savage or his media whore self promotional project “It gets better” (for Dan Savage at least, he’s raking in the cash!) seriously because of all of this. Yes calling an audience of teenagers names because they don’t agree with you or even leave your public speaking performance is bullying.

  • J Stratford

    Oh please! Those highschoolers that walked out are part of the problem. Savage was right, they are either the bullier or enablers of bullies. Just the same, they got a dose of their own medicine.

    Its not bullying if you are fighting the bully. Its called defense. Get it right people.

  • Peter

    Dan is nothing but a conceited asshole and a bully too, and he always has been. Why anyone takes anything that comes out of his vile mouth seriously, why people think he actually supports LGBT people and our fight for equality, or why his brainwashed followers think he’s a saint and actually represents the LGBT community and is a voice for us just shows how his followers can’t think for themselves. Someone else who commented said it best, Dan Savage does not represent all LGBT people or even gay white men just like Al Sharpton does not represent all black people and Mel Gibson doesn’t represent all white heterosexual men.

    People can be Christian or subscribe to a religion or spirituality yet be for LGBT people and against bullying and hate speech.

    You wouldn’t know it from the rage filled trolls here on queerty but there are a lot of LGBT people who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and who follow other religions or spiritualities and it doesn’t make them bigots or sympathizers to the fundamentalist sects of religion/spirituality that they don’t support or like the religious/spiritual fanatics at all.

    Even if the teenagers who left his speech didn’t agree with him or left for other reasons as someone who supposedly is against bullying and works with teenagers he shouldn’t insult his audience or people who don’t agree with him. It makes him hypocritical and no better than the bullies he’s supposedly against, and it makes his whole “It gets better” professional media whore campaign look completely pointless which it is.

  • Keith

    LMAO typical Dan Savage with his “oh look at me I’m a martyr! I’m a professional victim!” attitude that he always takes.

    Just because those students walked out of his presentation where he insulted and bullied them it doesn’t mean that they’re part of the problem, bullies, or sympathize with bullies.

    There are a lot of people here who seem to have an attitude of you’re either for something 1,000% in this case Dan Savage and his foul mouth, temper tantrums, and bullying-or else you’re for bullying, and not for LGBT equality and rights!

  • Jaroslaw

    #111 why would I bother researching his articles? YOUR OWN post MarieDelta contradicts itself. First you say you don’t exist at all according, then you quote Dan as saying bisexuals are really Gay, then later he says they are mostly straight. MOSTLY is not ALL. And you are wrong about the “bi’s are really Gay” I read the article years ago when he actually wrote it. I’m thinking this guy writes books and a column, appears on TV and gives lectures – he might be a busy guy and occasionally makes a mistake. I also think things can be taken out of context. Either way, it is great to know there are so many people that expect Dan to be 100% like they themselves are. (NOT)

  • Paul

    I LOVE YOU, DAN SAVAGE!!!! Well done!!!

  • MarieDelta

    Way to excuse Dan Savage’s bigotry, biphobia, and transphobia. I’m using direct quotes from Dan for all of the BS, lies, and misinformation he’s said about bisexuality. He doesn’t understand bisexuality, is highly biphobic, and has practiced bisexual erasure a lot over the decades he’s been around. One would think that a supposed sex advice columnist and a gay man would understand bisexuality and not be bigoted towards bisexuals but that’s not the case with Dan. Just because he’s a media and fame whore that doesn’t give him an excuse to be completely wrong about an entire sexuality. People did write into Dan-myself included-and we told him how he was wrong about bisexuality and trans issues and he continues to be a bigot. Yes Dan frequently has said both on camera and in print that he thinks that bisexual men are actually gay men.

  • Dan is slime

    Dan Savage is an idiot and has been bigoted towards trans people, bisexuals, women, teens, HIV+ people, and is no better than the Bachmanns, and other Conservatives.

    Like I Said….
    posted by Dan Savage on July 5 at 8:43 AM
    As I’ve been saying in Savage Love for, oh, 14 years now (I started writing the column when I was 18, as everyone knows), there’s no such thing as male bisexuality. Now the science is there to back up my claims – the NYTimes has the story.

  • Jaroslaw

    Marie 120 – for the benefit of those who don’t link to your “AfterElton” posting, I’m going to boil it down – that really doesn’t help make your case, much. First, I can’t defend every single word Dan says, but he is not some giant piece of slime or to quote 121 “as bad a Bachmann and the conservatives.” Those kind of remarks make discussions a waste of time. I’m assuming you at least are not that closed minded, just sensitive? The writer on ELTON said “Dan has done GREAT things for the G/L community” but asserts Dan is a bi-phobe. AGAIN, I read the article, Dan never said Bi males do not exist. He said many men claimed Bi to avoid the worse “Gay” label and hold out hope to their families they may yet find the right girl (and a lot more) This is true. And even if not totally, so much of these things are personal opinions. Since sexuality is hard to document. Which having read tons, but not all of Dan’s work, I do not see him as hateful, so I assume him getting thousands of letters yearly, he would have a better feel for this sort of thing than the average person. Next, CONTEXT – I’ve been saying and I still say however bad some of the stuff he said may sound, I want to see the ENTIRE article. The Elton one quoted a lesbian who was “EXTREMELY” nervous about her partner wanting a three way with a man. His advice was not anti-bisexual, it was specific for THAT questioner. I could go on, but either you get where I’m going or you don’t. Oh, and my brother stopped giving quotes to reporters, because they often get them plain wrong or edit them to make the person say something they didn’t.

  • Jaroslaw

    Oh, and Marie (and others) name calling (fame whore) doesn’t help make your case either. Everyone needs to make a living and as far as I know he didn’t force anyone to buy his books or pay for his lectures. I’m willing to proven wrong about his bisexuality stance, but several times when this subject has come up on this blog, I’ve investigated. What people allege in their own writings and the posts they link to just don’t make the case as I’ve illustrated. You say you’ve written to him, I assume without response. I just can’t imagine what his motive would be to intentionally offend as you allege. I’ve read a lot of his columns where he has guest experts too. Well, in the end, you have your opinion and I’ve mine and Dan will still be a mostly positive force for our community even according to sources you cite!

  • Dan is slime

    If Dan was saying horrible things against gays or lesbians I’m sure Jaroslaw would claim that he’s a bigot or wrong in his statements. But since Dan is only bigoted towards bisexuals and trans people (among others mentioned that Dan shows his bigotry towards) in Jaroslaw’s mind this doesn’t make him nearly as bad, a hypocrite at all, and Dan is OK since he’s all for gays and lesbians but not for those bisexuals or trans people and throws them under the bus. Sexuality is not hard to document. Bisexuality actually exists, is it’s own sexual orientation, and it’s just as valid as being gay, lesbian, or straight. Trans people also exist and they’re just as valid as biological men and women. The fact that Dan Savage completely supported the 2005 flawed study about bisexual men that was done by a bigoted scientist and didn’t speak out against it like actual experts in human sexuality like Dr. Fritz Klein, and Dr. Carol Queen did speak out against it, shows how Dan Savage is biphobic, hates bisexuals, and practices bisexual erasure.

    In your mind Jaroslaw Dan Savage may not be nearly as bad or hypocritical as the Bachmanns or Rev. Fred Phelps but to LGBT youth, and to bisexuals and trans people, as well as black people in the state of CA he certainly is.

  • Seattlegrrrl

    Jaroslaw by pretending that Dan Savage isn’t really biphobic, transphobic, etc. you’re supporting biphobia, transphobia, and other types of bigotry. Can’ you read? You’ve got your head in the sand that Dan isn’t bigoted towards bisexuals, trans people, non-whites, etc. Dan in his own words has been a bigot towards bisexuals, trans people, and others including non-whites by completely blaming black people for the passing of prop 8 in the state of California.

    Dan is not any sort of positive speaker, role model, spokes-person, or positive force for the LGBT community. Since you’ve apparently read all of his writings I’m sure you’d know how he loves to insult people who contacted him for sexual or relationship advice, and he doesn’t offer anyone any positive or constructive advice at all. Pretty much anytime bisexuality or trans issues come up he jumps at the chance to spew his brand of bigotry towards bisexuals and trans people, and other groups of people he doesn’t like such as non-white people.

    Denying bisexuality exists and questioning its validity is a form of discrimination and this makes Dan Savage a bigot plain and simple.

    He also has been told many times by not only LGBT people but straight people too that he’s completely wrong about what he says about bisexuals and trans people; but he does not offer any apologies or say, “OK so I was wrong about…”.

    Here in Seattle and the west coast we’re tired of Dan’s bigoted ass and don’t sugar coat his bigotry. We don’t pretend he’s actually for LGBT equality or that he’s actually helped LGBT people as a whole and cares about us, or that he actually cares about LGBT youth. Everyone here is tired of his annoying media whore and professional martyr schtick and we’ve known for decades that he’s only out for himself and not LGBT people or greater humanity. Here in Seattle we’ve known about him being a bully and closeted Log Cabin republican type for decades.

  • Jaroslaw

    I’m not pretending anything. I never said Bi people don’t exist and I’ve yet to see a quote by Dan that says that. Gosh guys, (as in “people” not just males) you just want to argue. Marie’s link had a quote where Dan says Bi guys should date other Bi guys. So how could he possibly be saying Bi’s don’t exist? I still want to see the whole article as to the context of those remarks. I hope you don’t practice law, because just repeating the same tired accusations (eg Dan is bigoted..) doesn’t prove anything. Show me the entire articles, not some cherry picked phrases out of context. I gave specific analysis debunking two of the three in the Elton link. Why can’t you do the same? Also, that same link starts out with the writer saying Dan has done great things for the G/L community. (123 said “everyone is tired of his bigoted ass….) Obviously there is more than one opinion about Dan’s value to “humanity” just like what various people feel is good or bad advice. Continue spewing your nonsense and hate of Dan, it’s a free country. But I can’t go on pretending this is a discussion since you won’t read or respond to specifics of what I’m saying.

  • Jaroslaw

    I just re-read your comment 124, now not only can you not give convincing quotes that Dan “hates” Bi & Trans, you have to put words in my mouth and lambaste him for something he did NOT do (condemn a study.) Well, you didn’t condemn the holocaust in your post, so you hate Jews? You didn’t condemn Canada for not taking in ALL political dissidents, so you must hate Canadian government? Or is this too much for brain to process? You talk about how hateful Dan is, and even if true, your mind is must as small. You constantly don’t read the little bit even I write and will not respond directly to questions.

    You guys are too too too much. Your logic and thought processes or lack thereof are astounding. Anyone who says one iota other than Bi’s & Trans are the greatest things since Ghandi must be a hater. NOT SO.

    I’m done wasting my time here.

  • MikeNYC

    Dan is a shit headed ego maniac, bully, and I agree that he doesn’t care for LGBT youth or the LGBT community he just cares about himself, making lots of money, and being a professional media whore.

  • Max

    Yes despite what Jaroslaw claims Dan is r acist, biphobic, transphobic, and Poz-phobic. If that foolish queen Jaroslaw would do his own research and look up what Dan has said in his own writings he’d easily find this out. Or perhaps Jaroslaw has done this yet is still in denial since he wants to lick Savage’s ass hole and eat his shit which he thinks is golden.

    Yes Savage did completely support the 2005 biphobic study by the bigoted J. Michael Bailey that was total bullshit and claimed that bisexual men don’t exist. This is akin to someone who is Conservative supporting a so called “study” that says that nobody can really be LGBT and that being LGBT is a choice.

    No it’s not all about claiming that bisexuals and trans people are the greatest thing since Ghandi. It’s about pointing out how Dan Savage is nothing but a bigot, hypocrite, and how by being biphobic and transphobic he’s not done anything good for the LGBT community or LGBT people, or our fight for equality.

  • Angel

    I’m glad he did this. Gays are some of the most horrible people. I’m gay and I am ashamed of the name the gay community has given us. He just proves how stupid we are. He just set back the movement by about 5 years. Haha class ass.

  • Jaroslaw

    Max, go on name calling and being hateful and insulting. I can take it. But please bear in mind you are not advancing your case at all. You apparently don’t care that I have read what Dan has to say, I have analyzed what Marie linked to and you, Slime, Mike, maybe Seattle girl just want to continue hating. I have read a lot, but not all of what Dan has written. I apparently don’t watch TV all day like you guys do, so please quote or link to the entire broadcast or articles and enlighten me. I’ve already made the offer. If you have time to spew all this disrespect to me, you have time to show me ONE link that indisputably show Dan is anti Bi, anti trans or whatever. it’s called put up or shut up.

  • David

    Jaroslaw people have written again and again about how Dan Savage is biphobic and trans phobic, and they have shown proof of this. You’ve got a closed mind and the quote from Dan Savage himself where he supported the study that claimed that bisexual men don’t exist is proof and evidence that he does not like bisexual men, is biphobic, and practices bisexual erasure. He’s a total hypocrite, not for LGBT equality or sexual freedom, and he’s no better than Rick Santorum. He can run his mouth all he wants since it just shows how much of a hypocritical idiot he is that knows nothing about human sexuality or gender.

    Dan’s frequent use of calling Transwomen slurs like she males, or Transmen guys with pies shows how he’s transphobic.

  • Brent

    Dan Savage proves yet again how he’s bigoted, and not an expert on anything.

    Bullying and screaming insults at your audience of teenagers when you’re supposedly all for youth and running a pointless PR campaign for youth just shows how Savage really doesn’t care about LGBT youth but just wants to throw a bitch fit and temper tantrum like usual, and throw the LGBT movement back decades.

    Dan has always struck me as being creepy with his obsession with gay white male teenagers. He comes off as a chickenhawk.

  • Jaroslaw

    Yes, David, people have written and written. About how awful they think Dan Savage is. But they won’t discuss specifics. Will you? Marie sent a link to “prove” some of this negativity about Dan and in it a Lesbian said that her girlfriend wanted a three way with a man and she was VERY nervous about it. Dan advised her to get a Lesbian girlfriend. I fail to see how this is anti-Bi. The person soliciting advice did NOT WANT a bisexual girlfriend or bisexual encounter. Yet this is cited as “proof” Dan is anti-bi. Sorry, it isn’t. I will concede that I did not know using the term “she male or guys with pies” meant hatred for trans. What comes to mind here is the great debate in the Black community about whether the “N” word is acceptable or not.

  • Jaroslaw

    Sorry David – I forgot – I wasn’t ignoring your comment about the study….but if Bi men don’t exist, why would Dan advise Bi men to date each other? (the Elton link above) Again, I will concede that particular comment about “being bad for Gay men to date Bi-men” doesn’t sound good, but I would need to read the entire article. I HAVE, for the third time, read many things where Dan is supposedly so awful, but the comments are usually lifted out of context. I was also responding to another writer here who did NOT say Dan supported the study but rather “Dan failed to condemn it.” I have readily admitted that I have not heard every word spoken or written by Dan. But as you should be able to easily see, the complaints about Dan are all over the map, contradictory and overlap. I’m hardly closed minded when those who hate Dan can’t get their story straight, no pun intended.

  • Jaroslaw

    OK Max, here you go:

    If you read the ENTIRE article, there is no way you can say Dan hates or doesn’t think Bi men exist. He does say he thinks it is rare. But nowhere is he being disrespectful or hateful, unlike your response to me. While we’re at it, since sexuality is one of the things people are LEAST truthful about, how do you know if someone is REALLY anything? You only know what they SAY, or if you personally are having a hetero, homo or bi encounter with them at that moment in time. Considering people not too long ago used to get imprisoned, fined, put in stocks, etc. for anything other than hetero vanilla married sex, we should all just be grateful we’re living in far more tolerant times.

  • Queer Supremacist

    How many of these Savage-haters are NOM plants or the same radical transgender activists who hate those of us whose bodies and brains are of matching genders (they’re all over John Aravosis’ blog, and he has had to suffer a lot of these fools)? I see a lot of unfamiliar names with unsubstantiated talking points.

    Furthermore, is there anything Dan Savage said about the Bible that was inaccurate? Under a literal translation of the Bible, it is basically a call to genocide.

  • Jaroslaw

    Guess you called them out Queer Supremacist. The hate finally stopped. Just one comment about the Bible – 2000-6000 years ago was a very very very long time ago. It is not like the average person could go get a job at their local K-mart, Sears, or small factory. This is not saying slavery is “right” or acceptable, but that is how things were then. Does it call “God’s plan” and ultimate wisdom into question? It does for me.

  • Dave

    Queer Supremacist, way to claim that Trans people are somehow against LGBT rights. John Aravosis is against Trans rights and he is not for LGBT equality at all, and neither is Dan Savage.

    No I am not Trans but I have friends who are trans and unlike both the media whores Dan Savage and Aravosis I’m actually for LGBT rights and equality, and I am for both bisexuals and trans people.

    Yes bisexuality in men exists and it’s not “rare” and the study mentioned in the article that Jaroslaw linked to is biphobic and an example of bisexual erasure. Dan Savage supported this study as the link says. Savage is also falsely claiming that bisexual men are somehow incapable of having romance or relationships with the same gender and that gay men should avoid them. This is BS. I know a lot of bisexual men who are, have been, and still are in same gender relationships with a male partner and nobody is a “piece on the side”.

    Now if you want to be real about it there are a lot of gay men who are partnered to the same gender who treat other men both bisexual and even other gay men as their “piece on the side”.

    Jaroslaw is completely ignoring and in denial that Dan Savage is biphobic and is just as hypocritical in how he practices biphobia and bisexual erasure the way NOM, Hermin Cain, Rick Santorum, etc. are homophobic/biphobic and claim that nobody can be LGBT or that it’s somehow “rare”.

  • Zack

    Jaroslaw thanks for the article link. It’s just proving that Dan Savage is a bigot, biphobic, and you’re conveniently ignoring this and Savage’s long history of bashing bisexual men, practicing his brand of biphobia, and showing how little he actually knows about bisexuality, human sexuality, and about actual science and studies.

    As for Savage he’s always been bigoted towards both bisexuals and trans people. I read his BS in the late 90s and I found him to be a conceited dickwad and bully, and he has’t changed at all.

  • Jaroslaw

    Dave & Zack – have either of you ever taken a law class or science class? You just keep repeating the same tired things and don’t offer specific evidence or even specific thoughts as to why that study (that I sent the link to) is biphobic. Because the results are not what you want doesn’t make it a bad study. Perhaps bisexual men are not rare as Dan suggests. I know a lot of Polish people, but that doesn’t make us not be a pretty small minority in the USA. And I’d be the first person to say less than 120 total participants isn’t a very big study either but that is another question. Maybe Dan is a self interested selfish dirt bag. But even the evidence cited by the opposition has some pretty nice things to say. With that in mind, the fact that he’s written some fairly good books and had a column for 40 years (has it really been that long?) must mean something positive. Sorry, but people who say he has done no good at all or that he is bad as Santorum etc. are hard to take seriously. I’ve asked for concrete evidence that he is as awful as you say. Start with specific reasons why the study is anti-Bi. I’d love to know why a Lesbian who doesn’t want a three way with a man is given (in some anti-Dan people’s views) anti-Bi advice precisely because she DOES NOT want a Bi-encounter or Bi girlfriend.

  • Carlos

    Jaroslaw the bisexual study that people have been writing about conducted by Bailey in 2005 was a clear example of biphobia, bisexual erasure, and bigotry. It’s akin to some Conservative doing a study that claims that nobody can be LGBT. Dan Savage fully supported this study and claimed that it means that men can’t be bisexual and he supported hate speech and bigotry, and he’s a hypocrite as a gay man.

    He can publish all the books he wants, and still write his shitty column but it doesn’t change that he’s completely wrong about bisexuals, trans people, GLBT issues, politics, and that he’s not any sort of expert about anything let alone human sexuality.

    My Transgender friends do not like Dan Savage since he’s transphobic and majorly bigoted towards Trans people.

  • Jaroslaw

    Carlos – In the article by Dan Savage that I posted the link to, he said bisexuality in males is rare. This is obviously open to dispute, but he DID NOT say it didn’t exist.

    Further, I read the study, and it is not clear to me that it is biased. Please explain specifically using facts and figures or explicit analysis of methodologies used that you disagree with to explain why the study was biased.

    Simply making assertions does not clarify anything.

  • Marty

    Bailey’s 2005 study clearly is nothing but bigotry, biphobia, and Savage supported this study and it’s flawed findings that are hate speech. No these are not assertations about either the study or Dan Savage.

    This is nothing new as Dan’s hated bisexual men for years and still continues to be a bigot. The Bailey study claims that bisexual men do not exist and Dan Savage completely supported this study by Bailey and its claims that men can’t be bisexual and that men are either gay or heterosexual while women somehow can be bisexual. If you want to deny how this study is bigotry and how Dan Savage is nothing but a hypocritical bigot go right ahead but it just means that you are a hypocrite and support hate speech, biphobia, bisexual erasure, and all of the homophobia and transphobia that are in other studies done by Bailey.

  • Carlos

    There’s no way you or Dan Savage can revise quotes so Savage somehow supports bisexual men or is not biphobic, or does not support this Bailey study that claims that bisexual men do not exist at all which is total BS and it is hate speech. In Dan’s own words which you’re conveniently ignoring he himself has said that in his opinion (Albiet bigoted) that bisexual men do not exist and the Bailey study from 2005 has proved this in his mind.

    So you’re one of Dan’s brainwashed followers, that’s nice it does not change the fact that Dan is biphobic, transphobic, and has been this way for decades and continues to be both biphobic and transphobic. You’re conveniently ignoring and in denial about how Savage is bigoted towards both bisexuals and trans people and falsely claiming that people are taking his direct quotes somehow out of context which is not happening at all.

    Even if Dan has been majorly contradictory in his bigotry and claimed that bisexual men do not exist, and then that bisexual men are ‘rare’ this is still bi phobia and bisexual erasure.

    Bisexuality in men does exist and always has, and it is not rare.

    This is like someone who is out as a gay man completely supporting the Bachmanns or ex-gay therapy.

  • Jaroslaw

    The only fact that is clear, Carlos & Zack & Marty is that you refuse to answer specific questions and just keep repeating that Dan is hateful and that I am brainwashed. That is not a discussion, that is a broken record. You guys are beyond sad. Pathetic starts to describe you. Describe, if you can comprehend HOW the Bailey study is bigoted, & biphobic. How can Dan say both Bi men do not exist AND they are rare? Those things are mutually exclusive. It is YOU Carlos who is revising Dan’s quotes! Up is down, black is white, wet is dry? You make no sense.

  • M.

    GO SAVAGE!!! Homophobic ideologies? like Christianity spread homophobia. abrahamic religions are tragedy of humanity. Gays, who support christianity are idiots. Its the same as if jews supported hitler.

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