Sasquatch Watch

A right-wing GOP candidate apparently has a thing for Bigfoot erotica. Of course.

GOP Congressional candidate Denver Riggleman as Bigfoot

The GOP has an impressive crop of crazy candidates running for Congress this year, but Denver Riggleman stands in a class by himself.

It’s not that he has ties to white supremacists–after all, an actual neo-Nazi has the Republican nomination for a Congressional seat from Illinois. No, Riggleman is the only candidate, at least to date, who is into Bigfoot erotica.

Riggleman is the GOP nominee for a Congressional seat in Virginia being vacated by Rep. Tom Garrett, who is retiring after being accused of using his office staff as his personal maids and butlers. (Garrett tried to deflect the accusations by coming out as an alcoholic.)

Riggleman was a last-minute replacement by the party, and on paper he looked presentable enough. He’s a former Air Force intelligence officer and a business owner.

His Democratic opponent, Leslie Cockburn, is an investigative journalist, always a handy credential. Apparently, she did some digging into Riggleman’s social media accounts and came up with something unexpected: a series of posts about Bigfoot that had an unseemly interest in the size of the mythical Yeti’s genitals.

Riggleman has written a book about Bigfoot, titled Bigfoot Exterminators, Inc.: The Partially Cautionary, Mostly True Tale of Monster Hunt 2006. That tome is about Bigfoot hunters and is not in any way erotic.

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On the other hand,  Riggleman apparently had another social media account that promised a second Bigfoot book, with a very different slant. Its title was The Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him.

Riggleman says that it’s just a joke between a bunch of military pals and that he’s not a closeted Bigfoot eroticist. But any candidate who has to spend time denying he has a Bigfoot fetish is on the losing side of the argument–no matter what the truth is.