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Right-Wing Homophobe Laura Ingraham Is Joining ABC News


Republican pundit and one of Queerty’s favorite antigay divas Laura Ingraham will be sashaying over to ABC News, where she’ll be joining as a contributor.

George Stephanopoulos made the announcement on this week’s episode of This Week, and the move will not affect Ingraham’s current position as a Faux Fox News talking head and fill-in host for The O’Reilly Factor.

Despite having a gay brother, Ingraham is a staunchly conservative homophobe, famously stating that she will “always be against gay marriage” while filling in on The O’Reilly Factor back in 2009.

Though she did have a screaming match with O’Reilly about gay marriage early last year in which she kinda sorta stuck up for the gays, her recent silence on the issue has us wondering when she’ll evolve already. Just don’t call her a right-wing slut. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz got into a lot of trouble for that one.

We’re totally cool with “right-wing homophobe” and “antigay diva,” and we’ll be on the lookout for her next homophobic screwup on camera.

With these types it’s never too far away.


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  • Alan down in Florida

    If ABC puts this count on the air I will give up my Diane Sawyer weeknights and George Stephenopolus on weekends. Lord knows there are plenty of other news sources on line.

  • Ron Jackson

    Another reason not to watch network programming.

  • Billy Budd


  • woodin

    people, as long as it’s an opinion or belief, no harm done. Move on…..

    Now if she starts pledging monies for anti-equality issues, etc., then she’s done for.

  • tjr101

    WTF, couldn’t they find another dumb blond somewhere else? They’re a dime a dozen.

  • yousir75

    @woodin: Going by your rationale, it’s okay for churches to teach that homosexuality is a sin & that gay people are evil akin to pedophiles, murderers, etc. After all, they’re only “opinions” & “beliefs,” right?

    Ignorant “opinions” & “beliefs,” especially when coupled with lies, DO create harm. They create an environment where prejudice & hatred are allowed to flourish.

  • DCFarmboi

    don’t forget that when she was an undergraduate in the less tolerant 1980s, she published the names of the college gay student group members in the campus paper, outing them to their parents.

  • Desert Boy

    Shame on ABC for hiring this bottle blonde c*nt.

  • Mezaien

    She think she is white…

  • BJ McFrisky

    Let me get this straight: She sticks up for gay marriage in a debate with O’Reilly, and yet she’s labeled a “staunchly conservative homophobe”?

    I guess my question is, Where’s the homophobia?

  • drivendervish

    @woodin: Wrong! Laura goes far beyond stating her opinion or beliefs. She engages in hate speech and stirs up anti-gay hatred that leads to violence and crime. She is very polarizing and there is no telling how many mothers have shunned their gay kids because Laura told them to. I think that in this country we need to draw a line between beliefs and opinions that have a possibility of being true or correct and wacko beliefs that are just plain stupid. We all know we were born this way and, regardless of whether you believe in God, that means we are all created equal and entitled to the same rights. Anybody who’s belief system includes hating people for being who they are and then denying them the same rights they have shouldn’t be given a platform to spew that hate.

  • tayblack

    Lots of gay people are against gay marriage, and my intuition tells me this is the case with Miss Ingraham.

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