Right Wing Journo Rips Into WaPo Gay Teen Piece

Right wing journo Robert Knight sure knows how to misread!

Knight, a regular contributor to OneNewsNow, uses his most recent column to blast the Washington Post, which yesterday featured an article on the trials and tribulations of gay teenagers in America. All in all, it’s a fairly straight forward look into how younger generations benefit from the gay rights movement and can come out at a younger age. Since school kids are notoriously nasty, these kids often face harassment and, as the piece points out, schools are often powerless to stop it. Or simply don’t care. That was our reading, but we’re sure Knight would disagree.

He seems to think the Washington Post‘s proselytizing for the proverbial gay agenda…

Writes Knight:

Post reporter Theresa Vargas’s article, “Owning His Gay Identity – at 15 Years Old,” was an entirely one-sided advertisement for more school “anti-bullying” policies, which often evolve into pro-homosexual re-education campaigns.

The Washington Post article leaves the impression that [article subject] Saro Harvey was born gay/trans and that anyone who suggests otherwise is a candidate for a re-education session in one of the “diversity and tolerance” clinics that often accompany anti-bullying programs.

And there’s nothing worse than – oh, god, we can barely write it – diversity! Eeks!