Right-Wing Politician Accidentally Uploads Screenshot Of Naughty Online Searches To Facebook


A German politician accidentally outed himself for watching raunchy BDSM porn on the job after he posted a screenshot of his desktop to Facebook.

Thomas Köppl is the mayor of Quickborn, Germany and a proud member of the Alternative for Germany political party, a right-wing group often accused of being antigay and anti-immigrant, among other things.

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For instance, party darling Beatrix von Storch has been a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage for years and once accused gay youth groups of using “forced sexualization” on students. And just last month the party’s official spokesperson, Frauke Petry, advocated for shooting innocent refugees at the German border.

So these are the people Mr.Köppl hangs out with on a regular basis.

Anyway, after the mayor posted the screenshot to Facebook, people quickly noticed that he had neglected to crop the photo, making the other opened tabs on his computer completely visible. Some of those tabs included searches for “BDSM porno videos” and “Punishment Porn Videos,” as well as two different ones for “German slut punished.”

Köppl quickly deleted the screenshot, insisting that someone else had taken the picture, hacked into his Facebook account and uploaded it online. When nobody believed him, he came clean.

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“Yes, I visited the sites concerned,” Koppl said before claiming he was simply conducting “research” after overhearing a group of young men talking about BDSM on a ski lift in South Tyrol.

“I wasn’t so up-to-date about that, which annoys me,” he explained. “They were mentioning the site ‘Xhamster,’ (easy to remember) and when I got to my room I wanted to get clued-up.”

“Clued-up.” Riiiiight.

The mayor said he didn’t actually watch any of the videos because his internet connection was too slow, but he did manage to download some information on the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Gray, and he now feels fully “informed” about BDSM.

Oh, and just in case anyone is wondering, he has absolutely no interest — zero, zilch — in ever engaging in BDSM himself. He’s not into that kinda thing. No, seriously. He’s not. He swears.

“I’m sure people who like it can have a lot of fun with BDSM,” Köppl said. “I find it rather disturbing. I have a problem with violence in general.”

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h/t: Daily Mail