"Pretty Face" Will Bring Sodomy, Abortion Massacre

Right Wing Wacko Warns Of Obama Future

Maine-based pastor Grant Swank wrote an unflattering Barack Obama review over at Alan Keyes’ Renew America. Isn’t that some sort of conflict of interest considering Keyes’ laughable presidential campaign?

Anyway, here’s Swank’s fire-and-brimstone-laden take on the Senator from Illinois:

Obama’s pretty face is going to get America into a lot of trouble. He’s smooth and liberal. He’s young and liberal. He’s clever and liberal.

…We certainly don’t want an Obama left-of-left reign of terror.

Obama will install sodomy as every homosexual’s right. He will ensconce killing womb babies, including partial-birth abortion, as the daily poster child in-your-face.

“Womb babies”? That’s a new one.