epic fail

Right-wing YouTuber tries to shame man for giving out “free BJs” but it totally backfires

This is kinda cringeworthy. Not to mention totally stupid. And embarrassing.

Kaitlin Bennett, who you probably don’t know, first got some attention when  she posed with a rifle in her college graduation photos. Now, she’s back! This time, to accuse a complete stranger of giving out “free blowjobs” at a party.

In a recent video titled “Commies on Campus” produced by Liberty Hangout, Bennett verbally spars with college students, Angela and James.

After some heated back and forth about the hot topic of communism, Bennett questions Angela and James’ “communist collective ideology” by asking, “What are you resisting?”

That’s when Angela responds, half-jokingly, “I’m resisting you, b*tch.”

“Very progressive and brave,” Bennett remarks.

Angela quickly apologizes for the insult. Then James chimes in: “I’m sorry you sh*t your pants at Kent State.”

To which Bennett responds by saying, “I’m sorry you were there sucking d*ck.”

Bennett then turns to the camera and says, “Actually, this guy was at a party at Kent State, he was giving out free blow jobs. He wanted nothing in return.”

Free blowjobs? As opposed to… paid ones?

“I guess I was,” James admits, proudly.

“Why were you giving out free blow jobs?” Bennett inquires.

“Communism,” Angela answers on his behalf.

“Collective spirit,” James adds. “Share the wealth.”

The homophobic dig was shared to Liberty Hangout’s YouTube channel back in November, but it just recently went viral, and people on Twitter have a lot to say about it…

Speaking to PinkNews, Angela says, “I would have loved to debate doctrine and policies but it’s clear her aim was to paint a specific stereotype of the American left with leading questions.”

She adds that she wasn’t at all surprised by Bennett’s homophobic remarks about free blow jobs, “because we had seen her on the internet before and knew the scope of her views.”

“The deliberate choice to weaponize my friend’s sexuality or even use it as the source of a joke was offensive.”

Watch the full exchange below. Or don’t.