John McCain’s apparently so upset about our nation’s economic crisis, he’s gone ahead and suspended campaign activities. He also wants to postpone this Friday’s debate between him and Democratic rival Barack Obama. [MSNBC]

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  • Rock

    Pathetic. Just pathetic.

    McCain is a LOSER.

    How do you Log Cabin Republicans feel now?

  • Merlinator

    Next McSame will tell us GWB needs to stay President because of the all the problems and the election postponed until we fix America, just watch them try!

  • ron

    Yes, the fix is in. America’s two-party dictatorship and its media lapdogs have their marching orders from the entrenched elite. The largest swindle in human history is almost a done deal.

  • Doug

    Yeah, he’ll be hiding in the same hole as Sarah Palin.

  • Alacer

    While I think all of this hullabaloo is a diversion tactic, I do think he did good to return the country’s attention back to the economy, or at least try. This is a really serious issue. Now, I’m not praising him for being responsible and worthy. I think it was a lame move, pretty pathetic, I just think our attention was in need of a jolt.

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