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  • Rock

    Pathetic. Just pathetic.

    McCain is a LOSER.

    How do you Log Cabin Republicans feel now?

  • Merlinator

    Next McSame will tell us GWB needs to stay President because of the all the problems and the election postponed until we fix America, just watch them try!

  • ron

    Yes, the fix is in. America’s two-party dictatorship and its media lapdogs have their marching orders from the entrenched elite. The largest swindle in human history is almost a done deal.

  • Doug

    Yeah, he’ll be hiding in the same hole as Sarah Palin.

  • Alacer

    While I think all of this hullabaloo is a diversion tactic, I do think he did good to return the country’s attention back to the economy, or at least try. This is a really serious issue. Now, I’m not praising him for being responsible and worthy. I think it was a lame move, pretty pathetic, I just think our attention was in need of a jolt.

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