With Malice Towards All

Riot Police Clash With Anti-Marriage Equality Protesters Over France’s Equality Bill


Protests in France turned violent on Tuesday when anti-marriage equality demonstrators faced off with riot police. Stones, bottles, and iron bars were turned into weapons forcing the police to use teargas against the protestors. The violence came less than a day after the country approved a bill legalizing same-sex marriage and gay adoption.

“I’ll keep going to the protests, I don’t give in,” Claire Baron, a mother of two, told the CBC. “The bill is not effective yet, the president of the Republic must listen to our voices. We are here to defend family values. Children need a mom and a dad.”


The demonstrations were not limited to the country’s capital. Violent protests were also reported in Lyon where 14 people were arrested. There have been no reports of injuries to any passers or the police.

While the Parliament did approve the bill, it has one final step before it becomes law: A signature from President Francious Hollande. The president gave his formal approval late last year and the First Lady has vocalized her support for the bill as well.

[Photos: CBC; H/T PinkNews]