RIP June Pointer

June Pointer Sisters

June Pointer, the youngest of The Pointer Sisters, passed away on Tuesday from cancer. “The Neutron Dance” will forever be one of our favorite songs to dance to, but before that song, the Sisters had a country career that led them all the way to the Grand Ole Opry. Rod 2.0 explains:

The younger queers today may only remember the Pointer Sisters for 80s tracks like “I’m So Excited” or “Neutron Dance”, but they began charting in the very early 70s with that fierce “Yes We Can Can.” The act had several country singles, won an Grammy in that category, and, were also the first black female singers to appear at the Grand Ole Opry. Today their music would probably be classified as “crossover.”

It’s certain that neither Faith Hill nor Shania Twain could hold a candle to June and the rest of the girls.

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