Ripped man rescues stranded dog by stripping down to underwear and plunging into freezing cold lake

Dramatic footage of a heroic bystander braving the freezing cold water of an icy lake to save a stranded dog is going viral on social media.

The incident happened a week and a half ago on Kalmius Lake in Donetsk, Ukraine. The dog had fallen through the ice and was struggling to stay afloat in the frigid water.

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That’s when the man stripped down to just his boxer briefs and tennis shoes, as one does when rescuing an animal in distress, before wading out into the water and breaking the ice with his fists to get to the pup.

Footage of the dramatic minute-and-a-half rescue has been circulating on social media ever since, racking up millions of views and winning millions of hearts, with many joking that they wouldn’t mind being saved by the unidentified hero.