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Rippling Abs And Sweaty Men Abound At Matinee NYC, Pride Weekend’s Biggest Outdoor Dance Party

326749_224685894245733_1762432_oMatinee NYC, the Big Apple’s biggest outdoor Pride event, is returning to set the Governor’s Island Beach Club ablaze again this summer, and the organizers are giving you plenty of reasons to attend with a sizzling hot new promo video.

Below, the Matinee NYC models put their assets on display in footage of Matinee events of years past. Watch the crowd dance and grind to the sounds of superstar DJs as the sun sets on this high-caliber circuit party transforms Governor’s Island into a “private Island oasis” complete with drag queens and male strippers.

As Matinee virgins last year, we were pleasantly surprised by how fun the crowded event was. We certainly didn’t mind spending that hot Saturday afternoon dancing under the sky with hundreds of hot, sweaty men, and the late afternoon/early evening timeframe made it a bit less intense than some of these parties can be. This is one we’d definitely recommend giving a shot.

This year’s event will feature music by BORIS, Lydia Sanz, DJ Theresa, and several unannounced “major performers,” spectacular Circque acts, “unparalleled sound and lighting,” and “thousands of the world’s hottest men.”

Tickets range from $75 for general admission up to $169 for multi-party bundles, and are selling out quickly. Visit for yours today.