RNC Chair Candidates Slap GOProud’s Barron Across The Face: No Gay Marriage For You

Given their interviews with the National Organization for Marriage, which included lines like Reince Priebus’ “[the] sanctity of marriage [is] given to us by God,” it should come as no surprise that every single prominent candidate to chair the RNC opposes same-sex marriage. Even Michael Steele, in a sad attempt to keep his job, sides with his peers. Priebus, speaking at yesterday’s debate, said, “I don’t believe that judges can rewrite the Constitution and redraft what marriage is,” pointing toward Iowa. “I think there is a sanctity of marriage. Everyone should be loved but at the end of the day, I believe that marriage through the sanctity of marriage should be between one man and one woman.” LOL, because didn’t GOProud’s Christopher Barron just insist conservatives are coming around on things?

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