RNC Heralds End Times By Including Log Cabin Republican In Finance Committee

The same group of fuckers who campaigned against all of us in 2008 has decided to use a gay to help finance their 2012 campaign. That’s right—the Republicans have tapped R. Clarke Cooper the Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans to join their financial committee. “I am honored to be a part of the Republican National Committee’s effort to advance a pro-growth, pro-free enterprise agenda, especially while working to elect and reelect pro-equality Republicans to office all across the country,” Cooper said. Uh-huh.

Does he realize 5 out of 7 of the GOP Presidential candidates want to outlaw gay marriage? Good luck with that.


NOTE: Man pictured bears no resemblance whatsoever to actual members of the Log Cabin Republicans.

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  • ToyotaBedZRock

    Maybe they will learn a lesson for being traitors.

  • fredo777

    the guy in the pic looks familiar. isn’t he a porn star?

  • christoball13

    Really, being a traitor because you are LGBT and Republican? Give me a break. Just because you do not agree with a party does not make people who identify with the other party as traitors. If those of us in the community can reach out to those that do not understand us, you should consider it a blessing. Shallow minded thinking like the comment you made is what keeps our community from progressing. That comment is just as extreme as the right wing bigots that warn of America’s demise if gay marriage is allowed. We must embrace each other as a community rather than trying to fight and exclude others.

  • CJ

    Do we all realize that Obama AND Hillary both support traditional marriage? Oh, easy to forget.

    If you’re pro-Republican (which I’m not) please just support someone who is also pro-LGBT civil rights.

    On the other hand, as strong of a supporter of LGBT rights as I am, I refuse to be a one-issue voter. This country is falling into a pit of debt and jobless destruction that requires strong and better leadership than what we currently see. Right now I don’t know who has the ability to be honest AND stop outsourcing AND create jobs AND stop spending us into oblivion AND who wants to stop starting so many wars. How many wars are occurring right now? Three? Four? Obviously many of the candidates running will not get my vote.

  • Zee

    ooh, the man in the picture.

  • Jordan

    Traitors? Nah, bit too harsh. A bit foolish? I personally think so but who the F am I lol? Don’t get me wrong, I commend them for trying to make a difference in that theological party they want to belong to but forgive me if I don’t think most of their fellow close minded GOP peeps are listening to them. I mean can anyone name an instant recently where the Log Cabin republicans affected any major change in the Republican party? Last but not least I do give them plenty of kudos for having some tough skin and integrity of their issues becuase they take a lot heat from us and their republican ‘friends’ so no one should deny their passion for political issues and therefore should not label them traitors either.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    GOProud isn’t gonna like this one bit. No sir.

  • Rainfish

    I am registered as an Independent. I do not owe fealty to either one of the two corrupt mainstream parties. But must I remind everyone that Marriage Equality would not exist in New York if it were not for a few brave Republicans of good conscience who crossed the aisle to the other side, even at grave risk to their own political careers. In contrast, we have a Democratic “fierce advocate” President who will not even say publicly that he supports the full equality of the GLBT Community which came out in droves to vote for him — even as a growing majority of Americans now support our rights.

    Additionally, it was the Log Cabin Republicans who brought the suit against DADT which prevailed in federal court in the fall of 2010 that forced a reluctant Democratic-controlled congress to finally act on the repeal. That federal judge struck down DADT last September as Obama’s justice department was still fighting to uphold DADT and anti-gay discrimination in the military.

    Nevertheless, Obama and the Pentagon insisted that anti-discrimination language be removed so that Gays in the Military could be “managed” more easily without civil rights claims interfering with potential biased command decisions.

  • Aubrey Haltom

    @Rainfish: @Rainfish, You’re right that some Republicans have stood up for marriage equality. But since you’re an independent (with no fealty to either party), let’s also add that all but one Dem voted for marriage equality in NY, while only 4 Reps did. And Obama has not been the ‘fierce advocate’ we wanted, but Cuomo – a Dem – definitely drove the marriage vote in NY.

    Yes, the Log Cabin Reps deserve a lot of respect for their lawsuit, and the pressure it applied to the Dems. But again, in the US Senate who provided the majority of the votes for DADT repeal? And would this repeal have happened if McCain had been president? Would any of the current Rep hopefuls promise repeal of DADT in their State of the Union speech? (including Romney, Huntsman? – would they have been bothered?)

    It’s a predicament for this community. A few Reps have stood up and done the right thing. But we can’t forget the overall policy of the Rep party is definitely anti-gay. And though the Dems claim to be supportive, the actual results don’t match the words.

  • the crustybastard

    Log Cabin Republicans brought the case that caused a federal court to call the military gay ban unconstitutional, a gay ban brought to you by the Democratic party.

    Oh and who was it that CHOSE to defend the constitutional impeccability of the gay ban? And who was it who CHOSE to appeal that loss? And who’s still appealing that case in court?

    Our Fierce Advocate Obama and his Democratic party cronies.

    Stop being useful idiots.

  • gaypublican

    Huntsman seems to be courting the LGBT community a lot. He’s got a Log Cabin working for him and appears to be pretty set on courting the gaypublicans.
    Perhaps those of us that are done with Obama’s half assed attempt to be an advocate we can approve of a Republican who actually has come out and said that he supports LGBT rights and actually has walked the walk. BTW Obama is dragging his feet on DADT repeal its still in effect until he “certifies” it which hasen’t happened yet. 3 more airmen were discharged THIS MONTH, but Obama has let DADT stay on the table from December until now 6 months after the bill was signed there is still no open service.

  • Rainfish

    @gaypublican: Yes, and Obama had it within his executive authority to stop the discharges the day he took office. If it were any other minority group you can bet your ass he would have. If he would have done that, and people in and out of the military saw no real “threat” to so-called “unit cohesion and morale” by seeing on a daily basis themselves and others serving along side openly gay and lesbian troops, the repeal of DADT quite possibly could have come sooner and with less opposition. Furthermore, these asinine and degrading months long “training” sessions would have been redundant and unjustifiable.

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