Rob Schneider Dubs John Travolta ‘Fag In Denial Who Believes In Aliens’

Rob Schneider, actor and adult baby, joined folks like Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Kathy Griffin, and Sarah Silverman to roast director Quentin Tarantino on Wednesday in New York. But just because it was a roast for Tarantino doesn’t mean other celebs were off the hook. Like John Travolta, for instance. Having sent a congratulatory note to Tarantino, Travolta had his absence excused by Schneider: “There was a ‘Fags in Denial Who Believe in Aliens’ convention.” Scientology and spa sex in one joke. Well done?

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  • Frank

    Great joke but who is Rob Schneider?

  • SteveC

    Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Who? Oh right, Adam Sandler’s bitch. Never mind.

    Will Hollywood dismiss this use of an anti-gay slur, like all others?

  • slobone

    No, roasts are off limits. You’re not allowed to be offended no matter how offensive it is. Move along folks, nothing to see here…

  • adam

    It’s funny because it’s true.

    Though he himself is terribly unfunny.

  • Hilarious

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Funny how white folks still hate Isaiah Washington for supposedly using it, yet white people can run around using it all day long and gay white men defend it.

  • Cam


    It isn’t a White Black thing, this is a Celeb Roast. The only purpose of the event is to be as offensive as possible. Go watch the roast of Flavor Flave and then tell me that only White People get to play.

  • GrrrlRomeo

    I was just going to ask if Rob Scneider was gay, and if not, why the fuck is he saying “fag”? It doesn’t matter if it’s a roast. John Travolta wasn’t the roastee.

    Disclosure: I’m white. I don’t know how that’s relevant. But there it is.

  • jason

    I suspect that, when Schneider said “fag in denial”, he may have been referring to the roastee, Mr Tarantino.

  • jason

    GLAAD rightly criticized Vince Vaughn when he said “electric cars are gay”. But where are the members of GLAAD on this anti-gay slur by Schneider? Hiding in their closets? GLAAD’s inconsistency is one reason why it has lost the support of the GLBT community.

    We need a new, consistent organization, and quick.

  • ~R~

    Such a firestorm forms over words… “that’s gay”… but then this is seen as funny because it “may be true”. We can’t have it both ways. Even if this was a poingant attack on some one who may be in the closet and has questionable religious ideals, does it really justify using “fag” as a comedic insult? Is everyone who stays in the closet a “fag”? Is that a funny concept?

    I’m one of those that thinks the gay community has become too sensitve when it comes to word usage (the Vince Vaughn dramatics are so over-blown) but I also feel that if it (we) are going to be such, we need to be consistant! Use of the word “fag” in any setting is LAME! I used to use it, many times as a bit of self depreciation, and then it dawned on me that my use of it makes me a hipocrit espeacially if I get pissed at someone else who uses it, regardless of their intended meaning.
    And YES, I believe that if any gay person out there gets all butt-hurt when a straight person says the word BUT they turn around and say it themselves, even as a term of endearment… they are hipocrits! The hateful connotations are still there. (I’ve been called a fag by some of my gay peers because I’m more femanine than them… case in point) Just like they are still there for the “N” word, regardless of what ‘positive’ spin the African-American community tries to put on it!

  • Queer Supremacist

    For the first time in my life, Rob Schneider made me laugh. I suspect it’ll also be the last.

    That ex-Sweathog continues to belong to a homophobic brainwashing cult that controls Hollywood. Don’t forget it got a former sitcom writer an Oscar for his simplistic screed against racism over “Brokeback Mountain” because he was a member (but at least he quit because of its homophobia). And it’s probably why he denied his son was autistic, didn’t get the therapy for him, and is responsible for his death.

    Personally, I wish Mr. Schneider had used a different choice of words, but who’s the bigger threat to gays: a hack comedian or a Xenu-worshipping cult that was started as a joke?

    Jason, please be joking about Tarantino being gay. I think the world would be better off if everyone were gay, but for that freak I’ll make an exception.

  • brian

    Rob Schneider may be bisexual.

  • adman

    Rob Schneider may be pre-sexual.

  • RomanHans

    God, Hilarious, doesn’t your stupidity take weekends off?

  • adman

    @Hilarious: Rob Schneider is Filipino, not white. You can still hide behind your axe to grind, thinking you’ll conceal your simple minded mediocrity, but everyone can see you. So, there’s a caveat there. Cheers! I’m sure plenty of black people love how you work hard to make racism, and shit, black identity itself become meaningless pop cultural propaganda, but then most people are stupid. Black, white, filipino, etc…Did you hear how we’re all in the Illuminati now because we’re Queer? Awesome! You’ll know me at the barbershop, I’ll be the guy with the secret handshake. We can scream epithets at the Elton John poster together while we jack off on it. Keep it real, you know?

  • ted

    Does Rob Schneider live in a cage next to Nick Swardsons cage in Adam Sandlers garage? Durp Dee Durp Dee Diddily Dee Durp!

  • HarrySahks

    Touche for Schneider. That was a hilarious cut at the ridiculousness we know as John Travolta. It seems fags, after total libbbbbrrrashun, are nothing more that golem that are spent by their 24 hour pursuit of sex ,on the internet, in cruising places, on internet porn etc. Not one witty one in the bunch. Just bitchy nothing like Perez Hilton. Their brains are turned to swiss cheese by the drugs and the booze and the HIV anti virals. They are all worthless nothings. Now we see real sharp wit and it comes from a straight guy. NOt like the old days at all. When gays came out of the closet the daylight dried them up and shriveled them up. They are like turds left in the desert sun. Nothing at all to offer, not even a smell.

  • kblast

    Fags are people too, but they are still Fags.

  • kblast

    Are you a Fag as well?

  • kblast

    Dookey dodgers who are offended by their designation should take a Midol and get over it.

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