Robbie + Allen Are The Gays In 2nd Place For Crate & Barrel’s $100K Dream Wedding

We knew there were plenty of other gays out there hoping to win the top spot in this year’s Crate & Barrel’s $100k dream wedding contest. And just like Chad and Matt, current gay frontrunners Robbie and Allen — who are in second place over all, behind straight couple Erin & Cory — want your vote.

“Allen and I are both facilitators at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center and volunteer our time with a number of different organizations,” they write to us. “It was while we were facilitating, volunteering, and trying to plan our own wedding that we decided to take a stand and become a face for marriage equality. Our current initiative is to campaign to become the first same-sex couple to win a national wedding contest. This is not about winning a dream wedding but rather winning over the hearts and minds of the American people.”

Which is why they launched (a nod to how they met: by winking at each other on a dating site), claiming “a vote for us is a vote for marriage equality.” Well, that might be a stretch, but we’re rolling with it! And with Robbie and Allen already in second place, and about 700 votes from overtaking the top spot, they might be your best hope to see a gay couple win C&B’s little contest. So vote for them, because while they’re already ahead of other gay couples, they’re still the underdogs.

As always: If you win gentlemen, Queerty expects an invite.