Robbie Rogers Pledges To Be “Extremely Flamboyant” At Next World Cup

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 2.34.05 PMRobbie Rogers has remained relatively quiet in the media since he came out as gay in 2010. His main focus was becoming the best player he could be, and that strategy has been paying off.

He’s now excelling as a left-back for the LA Galaxy, and that means he’ll be in a unique position in 2018 as the only out player to be traveling to an antigay country to compete in the World Cup. Of course, other players might come out by then, but nobody has since Rogers did five years ago.

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Outgoing FIFA president Sepp Blatter infamously said in 2010 that LGBT visitors to Qatar for the tournament “should refrain from any sexual activities.” Just one of the many cringe-worth messages to come out of FIFA of late.

But will Rogers boycott the tournament on moral grounds? Absolutely not, and for good reason.

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“I think what I’ve learned from my experience of coming out and being present in the locker room is that by being there it is more of a statement than boycotting or something like that.”

“So if I were to go to Russia or Qatar then I would do it and I would be extremely flamboyant about it.”

We’re already looking forward to covering that.