Gay Ex-Soccer Player Robbie Rogers Is “Very Happy and Proud” of Newly Out Jason Collins


I think I was surprised like everyone else. Obviously, I know what it is like going through being gay and being a professional athlete and being closeted and all the emotions and all the thoughts that go through your mind. I don’t know him, but I was very happy and proud for him.

“But most of all, I was happy that our society gave him such a positive response including athletes from all over the world on Twitter. Society is really changing, people are moving along and accepting gay athletes and I think more athletes will follow in his footsteps.

“We will see what happens, but it is definitely a positive step. You can’t just say to someone, ‘Come out, come out,’ it really depends on them.”

Robbie Rogers, who came out and subsequently quit pro soccer in February, reacts to NBA star Jason Collinscoming-out, via E! News.

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  • balehead

    Is it a huge surprise no one would come out until Nike put an huge endorsement contract on the table?….it’s always about the money…

  • Caleb in SC

    @balehead: What do you mean? Nike put an endorsement deal on the table for the first gay player in a major sport? I never heard about that.

  • fredo777

    @Caleb in SC: That’s because it’s probably complete bullshit.

  • balehead

    It’s 8 to 10 million apparently….

  • balehead

    Nike’s creating a new foundation to write their profits off againsttaxes….and they need a gay player to legitimize it…

  • Kevin

    I hope dozens of players come out across Basketball, Football, Baseball, and Hockey. It is SO long overdue. In just fewer than two weeks, I will have been out of the closet for an entire year. I just turned 25 years old, however it feels like a lifetime ago that I was closeted. I live in a small rural town/suburb a about 30-35 minutes east of Seattle. Many of my friends were extremely anti-gay in their views. I am VERY proud to say that by coming out of the closet, I have single-handedly changed about 10-15 people’s views on homosexuality. If everyone gay person in the world would come out of the closet, people would realize that there is nothing to fear.

  • balehead

    Does anyone remember David Kopay……

  • alterego1980

    @balehead: You obviously didn’t read or listen to any of Collins’ comments. Nike used that “bribe” to push their own pro-gay acceptance marketing scheme at least a month ago. But of the 10? 20? gay pro athletes that are out there no one had stepped out to “claim their prize”. Don’t you see through the cynicism? It’s not just about the money. It’s about the locker room and team. They are too afraid of losing the bonds (and probably contracts) they worked so hard to create. I wish everyone could be honest and open but don’t blame them. More will come forward eventually but not for the bribe. It will be for themselves, just like Collins did.

  • alterego1980

    @balehead: Just to break the suspense for everyone, Kopay was a Washington Redskins football player who spent 10 years in the league. He came out as gay in 1975, way ahead of anyone else. He also had an affair with one of his teammates, Jerry Smith, who apparently everyone in the locker room knew was gay.

  • alterego1980

    BTW, does anyone else think Robbie is smoking hot?

  • Jayson

    @balehead…I remember reading about David Kopay in the late 80s, before the
    “internets”. I came out 2 years later. I must admit, when I found pictures of him I was in love; love in the terms of running to the library bathroom for 3 minutes. It was a short love affair. At altergo1980…I didn’t know that, but your comment has revived me!

  • ChiChi Man

    @balehead: I remember David Kopay and John Amaechi and both men came out years after they’d retired. Collins is the first professional sports player to come out while still playing. This is huge.

    I hope Robbie reconsiders and comes back to soccer. He’s delicious.


    Guys if I could only kiss you two I won`t even think twice. AdamHomo

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