Moving Forward

Robbie Rogers Opens Up About His Return To Soccer

Robbie Rogers continues to make headlines and history as the first out male athlete playing in a professional sports league. The LA Galaxy player sat down with CBS This Morning to discuss the happenings inside and outside the locker room since coming out.

On the locker room culture in England versus America:

The locker room there was brutal [in England]. I mean, awesome guys. I wouldn’t say they’re homophobic, I’d say that pack mentality is a bit malicious. But here you know, there’s the banter, there’s the jokes, and sometimes you can hear things that get quite malicious and that’s what kind of scars you and builds that fear.

On the future of prospect of gay athletes:

Once athletes figure out that or realize that they won’t be treated any differently, and that they’ll be judged on their performance, just like any athlete, then I think they’ll all feel free to be open with people.

On whether or not he would encourage other athletes to come out:

I’d be a hypocrite if I pressured people into coming out because it took me a while, 25 years. What I’d love is for different athletes to come out and then they could reach Middle America. They are the heroes in Tennessee or in different areas, these basketball and football and baseball players. Soccer’s getting bigger. It’s the biggest sport in the world but not in the United States, so my platform isn’t as big as these guys. So I’d love that, but I can’t pressure them into doing it.