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Robbie Rogers Reveals How Locker Room Behavior Has Changed Since He Came Out

130527010425-robbie-rogers-sub-single-image-cutWhen I was closeted, I would hear the most ridiculous homophobic things…and now it’s totally different. People are more sensitive and more aware of what they’re saying. They’re very, very supportive, and we’ll talk about things like marriage equality. I would be petrified, so scared to bring up a conversation like that with my teammates, but my teammates come to me. We still have the banter and the jokes, and yes, there still are a bunch of naked men taking showers together, but it’s a very different atmosphere. I’ve been naked and had discussions with guys in the shower and them asking me, ‘Is it hard for you to shower with guys?’ I’ve been doing it for so long and…teammates become like brothers.”


L.A. Galaxy’s Robbie Rogers in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter to promote his new memoir Coming Out to Play