Robbie Williams Heads To Rehab

We know you guys love Robbie Williams (well, we do, at least), so we figured you may be interested to know that the British pop star has checked into rehab to combat his apparent proclivity for pill-popping. The Daily Mail reports:

[Williams’] spokesman said today, on the singer’s 33rd birthday, that he is in a ‘treatment centre in America for his dependency’… Last September his Asian tour was called off because of ‘stress and exhaustion’. Williams, who is worth £90 million and now lives in Los Angeles, has admitted taking cocaine and drinking to cope with depression.

What? That’s it? Who doesn’t use drugs to cope with their depression. It’s when you’re not depressed and taking drugs that you’re meant to go to rehab. Sheesh, they just don’t make pop starts like they used to…

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    If “Debbie Downer” is depressed, it’s only cause he hasn’t had a piece of me.

    My onion would bring a tear to his eye, but those would be tears of joy! My ass has healing powers that no man can resist.
    My nut sac is better Prosac! My skin is so soft it’s like Zoloft!


  • Alan

    With such humongous success and any man or woman he wants in his bed he’s depressed. Poor baby.

  • Ryan

    Can someone remind me why we’re supposed to care about Robbie Williams? I don’t even know who he is… some singer or musician, right? Is he gay?

    I mean, really, I just don’t get it? He’s not even that cute.

  • Michael S.

    How very interesting, his latest album “Rudebox” (I don’t think it’s been released in the States yet) has a song called “Good Doctor” that is entirely devoted to his love of popping pills. It’s actually a really rad song, as is the whole CD, with the chorus:
    “This one’s to take you up,
    This one’s to take you down,
    But when I take ’em I don’t feel sound
    And I look rather round”

  • Rose Bresnehan

    I was married to a man with very similary problems as Robbie seems to have and I still love him even though we’re separated and I understand what they must go through. I listen to Robbie if I’m depressed and watch his DVD’s to lift me if I’m feeling down. Everyone has they’re problems and Robbie is no exception. Imagine the pressure he must be under performing to thousands of people! I’m 12 years older than him and still think he’s wonderful!

  • julie akroyd

    anyone who has suffered with depression wouldnt make such comments re robbie. Money success love non of these things can take away the despair and hopelessness of this illness and I only wish more was done to highlight the stupidity of people who consider this a non life threatening illness and one he should get over…do such people really believe depression is just a luxury reserved for those who can afford it?

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