Robbie Williams To Pet Shop Boys

Robbie Williams has disappointed the entire United Kingdom by announcing he will not join his former bandmates Take That for their upcoming reunion tour. The rest of the planet was unaffected by the news, as only the British (and the occasional citizen in colonized territories, we presume) still care about Take That.

We are, however, excited about Robbie’s upcoming dance album, a duet with the Pet Shop Boys, making the compilation the gayest event in music since the birth of Liza Minnelli. Both Robbie and The Boys have been stale as of late, and the compilation should bring them some new chutzpah. We hope Robbie will film the video in his underwear again. Alledgedly he’s doing the compilation to appease his gay fans…after winning a libel lawsuit over a publishing company who claimed he is gay. So much effort over nothing. Whatever, we’re glad he’s mending fences, we get a new album out of it.

Robbie WIlliams Becomes Pet Shop Boy [FemaleFirst]