Robert Buckley Shining Light In ‘Jungle’

Last night we braved the Lipstick Jungle, Candace Bushnell’s attempt to cash in on the Sex and The City cow. We have to admit we weren’t very impressed, nor could we stay focussed, for one thought kept popping up: “Where’s the fourth girl?”

Thank proverbial God, then, for the undeniably gorgeous Robert Buckley. That smile! Those eyebrows! That “I’ll fuck you sideways” smirk. We’re totally sprung!

So, does this mean we’ll be tuning in on the weekly? Maybe, but just to see his sex scenes with Kim Raver, who no longer looks as skeletal as she did on 24, thankfully.

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  • HL

    Ah! He has a name. He is lovely.

  • dvlaries

    I don’t think I’m as carried away as you, queerty, but he beats every one of your Morning Goods this past week.


    He can grin like that with his balls resting gently on my chin.

    ok, no resting or gentle nothing.

    Slam that cock ….

    oh, nevermind

  • Jon

    Yeah, he was seriously the only good thing about the show. Although, maybe I’m crazy but Brooke Shield’s husband was kinda hot too… for an older guy.

  • Nikko

    Oh, f*ing delicious. Absolutely delicious.

  • alan brickman

    I hope there are more guys on the show in the future.. ..

  • clea

    how old is he?
    im dying to know.

  • Stpeh

    he is 26

  • Laurent

    OMG, he’s perfect!

  • pietrohollywood3

    kirby atwood is awesome!!!

  • Adam

    This man is so yummy, I just want to eat him up. Or wrestle with him. Ok, both.

  • V

    Love him! His pictures don’t do him justice.

  • LS

    He just leaves me speechless. damn he’s hot!

  • M

    The only reason i think he’s a hunk that’s worth it, is because he plays a genuine sexy teddy on TV. If he was an ass, I wouldn’t think so. Maybe I would, i love his smile though

  • gracey

    He reminds me of a Jake Gyllenhal/Heath Ledger combo. YUM-MY!

  • LipstickJungleFanatic

    I’m pretty sure Kirby (Robert Buckley) is the only reason a lot of fans watch this show. Don’t worry, I’d say he takes his shirt off every other episode. I have lots of pics of him on my site if you want to check it out:

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