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  • reason

    Gibbs at the DNC would be an intelligent move. Axlerod on the streets at the helm of Obama 12 proper. Plouffe at the White House with the president. The Obama team had a lust for control in 08, and wanted to choreograph how the DNC spent its resources. With Gibbs there it will be Obama 08 campaign control everywhere. They are clearly already putting together the apparatus for 2012, as the economy starts to ascend the presidents popularity is going to climb. The GOP is setting themselves up to have a lot of crazies in their elected camp which is going to turn off independents once the economic blinders begin to slip off. John Boehner is aware of the GOP’s predicament and has attempted to keep the tea partiers out, but in the end he knows all that is important to him is holding that speakers gavel even if the parties over in 2012. Speaker Boehner is something that he will be able to smile at long after they are all out of congress.

  • Tollendyr

    For me, this would be another reason to leave the Democratic Party and go sign up with the Independents. Gibbs has done far too much deflection and not enough answering or addressing GLBT issues throughout his time as Press Secretary.

  • jamison

    @Tollendyr: right, and just how many independents do you think support full lgbt equality?

  • kalifani6

    Do you know?
    Count me in as one.
    If more of US thought more ‘Independently’ maybe we wouldn’t be taken for granted by the Dems of the Repugnants.

  • J. Clarence

    Since a lot of what the DNC chair does is behind the scenes fundraising I don’t know how good Robert Gibbs will be, or for that matter how good Tim Kaine is at it; however, as for being the face of the Democratic Party to America I would put my money on Robert Gibbs. Tim Kaine is really dry in his speeches and not at all engaging, whereas that is essentially Gibbs job as press secretary–not to mention as a family man it would give Gibbs more time with his kids.

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