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Robert Gibbs: White House Making No New Commitments To Gays Today

While those Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal advocates — including HRC, SU, SLDN, Center for American Progress, and OutServe — meet today at the White House, Press Sec. Robert Gibbs is fielding questions about what the Obama administration was going to put on the table to push through a repeal. Answer: Hmmmm, nothing? Especially, insists the White House, because the administration can’t speak to the attendees about the on-going litigation in Log Cabin Republicans v. U.S., since LCR’s chief R. Clarke Cooper will be there, and apparently that would be a conflict of interest. Update: Obama himself dropped by today’s meeting.

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  • Ronbo

    Obama isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. He has to be a full-on nitwit to not understand why this 7% of the population are not happy with him.

    We need a Democrat who is not a Republican! From opening up drilling in the Gulf, to escalating the wars, to pushing Richard Nixon’s Health Insurance plan, to… just about everything this man does is a Republican move. Just because you are a half-step to the left of a Teabagger, doesn’t mean you are a Democrat, Liberal or Progressive.

    We need to primary this poser with a real Democrat. Feingold? Grayson? Clinton (?!?)

  • Mark

    The silence is deafening.

  • Devon

    So they intentionally invited the one group involved with the lawsuit so they’d have the perfect excuse to completely ignore the court ruling…

    As far as bigots go, Obama is a damn clever one.

  • Michael @

    NOT only not discuss the court case, but “our community leaders” agreed to not reveal ANY details of the discussion they ARE allowed to have….you’d think the subject was the location of America’s nuclear weapons or the like. That’s the dark beauty of this mutually beneficial bargain with Slick Barry! Since “the content of the conversation to…day [is] off the record” we’ll have no way of evaluating what either side agreed to or not, no way of holding anyone accountable! But the White House can now CLAIM they’re finally SERIOUS about even this lame legislation…and Gay, Inc., can walk away claiming they accomplished something they can provide NO proof of.

    Obama and Gay, Inc. – 10. Gay servicemembers – 0.


  • randy

    It’s off the record because Obama’s people are going to take Gay Inc. to the woodshed for making him look bad. That can be the only purpose of this meeting. “Just shut up already! You are weakening the president, and if you keep it up, you’ll have Republicans running the place, and you know what that means!”

    The delicious irony, though, is that no one has had a more loyal cheerleader than the HRC. So they will get excorciated by the gay community for doing nothing, AND now the White House doesn’t trust them. Heckuva job, Joe!

  • Cam

    This is a complete lie. They can absolutly discuss DADT without discussing the minute details of the case.

    But honestly, is anybody surprised?

  • jack e. jett

    Such a tool.

  • Time after time.

    Why don’t we have protesters at these events to express our anger? Why aren’t we shouting them down and humiliating Obama and his people> We don’t get any respect because we don’t piss people off.

    Where is Robin and GetEqual? Vacation???

  • Jeffree

    The White House naively assumed that HRC was representing ALL facets of the LGBT communities, and wasnt well-informed enough to know that Joe Solmonese does NOT speak for me (and probably millions of LGBT Americans who are not upper-middle class, urban-dwelling, white, protestant, corporate clones who believe that buying tickets to a Gala promotes our rights !)

    Even the Log Cabin Republicans one-upped the White House on DADT!

    So, now HRC will have to try to cobble together some explanation & apology for missing the mark so badly on what is/isn’t acceptable to *most* LGBT folks in terms of DADT, ENDA and DOMA. And HRC will come out with a press-release on how their efforts are really working in our favor….

    Well said!

  • Kevin Jason

    @randy: “Take Gay Inc. to the woodshed.” That’s juvenile. There is no Gay Inc. “influence” and there is no woodshed. November 2nd will be won by the older, religious people – they’ll get the vote out. The gays are insignificant compared to them.

    I’m disappointed in Obama – everyone is. But, suggesting that the LGBT community is influential is just raw ignorance.

  • adman

    @Kevin Jason: Finally, someone who can see the forest for the trees.

  • Cam

    @Kevin Jason: said..

    “I’m disappointed in Obama – everyone is. But, suggesting that the LGBT community is influential is just raw ignorance.”

    The White House said DADT would not be brought up for a vote, LGBT community puts a little pressure on selected Congressmen and suddenly Pelosi is telling Obama that the vote is coming whether the White House wants it or not. Sounds like there is some influence there.

    Additionally, gays aren’t the only group exerting pressure, if you read some of the mainstream posts, they are lumping gay rights in with the Public option, Gitmo etc… as an example of how Obama has completely left much of his campaign rhetoric off the table.

  • the crustybastard

    “No new commitments to gays?”

    Ah. A day like any other day.

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