gay panic

Robert Jenkins’ Friend Ronald Jones Insists He Killed Him Only Because Of Those Unwanted Sexual Advances

Ronald Jones, a fifty-five year old man charged with choking to death his friend Robert Jenkins, who Jones was staying with during a visit from Maryland to see his hospitalized mother, confessed to killing the 68-year-old because Jenkins made unwanted sexual advances — and that sent him into a homicidal rage. The body of Jenkins, a Vietnam War vet and father to four, was found beaten in his home over the weekend by his son, who returned to his father’s house to find Jones passed out and his father’s body on the floor with blood coming out of his eyes and ears. The pair had been drinking cognac “for hours” before the attack. Initially, Jones insisted he blacked out and didn’t remember anything. He faces second-degree murder charges, though if Jones did attack Jenkins because of his perceived sexuality, shouldn’t this get nudged up?