Robert Pattinson: Edward Should Be Gay In Next “Twilight” Movie

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner stopped by Ellen this week to chat up the final installment of the Twilight flicks, Breaking Dawn Pt.2, which hits theaters November 16.

Lautner’s definitely sad to say farewell to his meal ticket, but Pattinson—who’s had a little (though not much) success outside the franchise—seems eager to move on. He told Ellen he’d agree to another Twilight flick—but only if his character, brooding vampire Edward Cullen, turned gay.

“I was also thinking another way to do it would be to make it look like Will and Grace, where Edward turns gay,” he theorized. “They raise the kid and everything.”

Edward? Um, hello—Jacob is the gay one! He’s got a ridiculously hot body, hangs out with a gang of other hot guys and always has his shirt off. That’s Fire Island in July.

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  • bystander

    Team Jacob.

  • Dumdum

    What are those movies about? Gay vampires, or drag queens, or horny teens or something?

  • Dumdum

    I know what they are about. About an hour and a half too long.

  • redspyder

    @Dumdum: roflmao

  • 2eo

    @Dumdum: Do what I do, just invent your own movie.

    It starts with a landspeed record attempt which is foiled by the ghost of Stalin, who then teams up with the car company to defeat some kind of ancient evil. The twist is that Stalin turns out to be evil. His best friend is a talking pie.

  • GreenmanTN

    I’d be embarrassed too if I was involved in the Twilight series. It was nothing but Mormon abstinence porn that glorified simpering women and stalker boyfriends. And vampires that *sparkle”? To quote Heather Chandler, fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

    I checked the DVDs out from the library so Stephanie Meyer didn’t see a dime of my money because she tithes (as is mandatory) 10% of her earnings to the Mormon church, which they use to fight gay rights. So fuck a bunch of Stephanie Meyer.

    But I have seen the movies so I can say that the 1st one wasn’t bad but all the rest are awful. NOTHING ever happens. Simper simper simper, whine whine whine, my boyfriend left me so I’m going to POUT about it for six goddamn (movie) hours straight. I guess it’s too much to ask Kristen Stewart to ACT but could she at least open her goddamn eyes all the way? Is that so much to ask?

  • randallreynolds

    No offense to Edward, but **PLEASE** make it Jacob instead!!!

  • gregergjp2006

    Definitely Jacob!

  • gregergjp2006

    @Dumdum: LOL!

  • macmantoo

    He probalby wants to play gay so he can make out with Lautner. Wouldn’t mind making out with either, hell wouldn’t mind making out with the whole male cast.

  • ChristopherM

    If that will make Pattinson take a damn shower, I am all for it.

  • Cam

    Considering the books were written by a Mormon and the underlying theme is that a girl can’t live unless she is with her man I don’t think they will be putting out any gay plots soon. ;)

    Then again, I could understand why being around Kristen Stewart all that time could make him want to be with men instead.

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