Robin Roberts Tears Up Talking About How Her Coming Out Helped One Young Gay Man

It took Robin Roberts a long time to come out, but now that she is out, the Good Morning America host is having an open conversation about all things gay. In an interview on CNN, Roberts covered everything from Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend when he was drafted by the Rams (“What was he supposed to do? Shake his hand?”) to the effect her story has had on people.

Roberts became visibly emotional as she talked about how her own coming out has made life easier for some young people. She recounted how one young man came up to CBS’ Gayle King to explain how Roberts helped his mother come to terms with his being gay.

“Somebody came up to [King] — and this catches me. A young man whose mother was having a tough time and said, “If it’s okay for Robin, it’s OK for my son.”

Watch the whole interview yourself.

H/t: Mediaite